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Here are my rates:

Character Commissions

$60 – full-body character in color.

$35 – a full-color bust or half-body of a character.

$25 – a black-and-white full-body sketch.

$30 for backgrounds for character commissions

Comic Book Commissions

$80 – standard comic book page in full color

$65 – standard comic book page in black and white

$55 – comic strip in full color

$45 – comic strip in black and white

$60 per page for scripting, pencilling, OR inking

$70 per page for coloring

$15 per page for lettering

Editing or formatting a book is negotiable.

*NOTE: The above rates assume that I retain certain rights to the art, such as the right to make prints from the work and to include it in portfolio samples. If you wish to buy certain rights, these rates will increase, depending on which rights are being purchased.

Dungeons & Dragons Characters

Patreon Commissions

KickStarter Commissions

Kristy Ferrin

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