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Please read your options below carefully.

If you would like me to make art for you, know which option you would like me to draw. Then, you can either go to and get a commission there… OR follow the next steps:

PayPal half of the rate to and email me at with details and reference images of your request. Commissions are typically done between one week and three weeks, depending on how quickly you reply.

Once completed, commissions will be delivered via email in two digital files – one for printing, one for posting online. If you want the physical copy, postage and handling will cost extra.

The following options are intended for personal commissions.

If you are a business, email me at

Here are my rates*:

Character Commissions

  • $80 – Full-color, Full-body WITH shading and highlighting
  • $65 – Full-color, Full-body flats
  • $55 – Full-color, half-body WITH shading and highlighting
  • $50 – Full-color, half-body flats
  • $40 – full-color, head-and-shoulders WITH shading and highlighting
  • $35 – full-color, head-and-shoulders flat
  • $30 – black and white, full-body
  • $15 – black and white, head and shoulders
  • +$30 to add a background


  • $160 comic book page in full color
  • $120 comic book page in black and white
  • $80 comic strip in color
  • $50 comic strip in black and white


  • $60 per page to pencil OR script OR ink a comic book page
  • $80 per page to color a comic book page
  • $15 per page to letter a comic book page

*prices are subject to change, depending on what rights (if any) are purchased with the service.

Dungeons & Dragons Characters

Patreon Commissions

KickStarter Commissions

Kristy Ferrin

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  1. Hey Kelci! I’m the Ohio Valley Batman. I’m trying to get some quotes on doing a full color comic cover of my family. It would be me, my wife as Batgirl, my son and daughter as Robins. I know that’s a little vague, but I’d like to leave it up to you for interpretation. Thanks for your time!

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