Status Report!

So what’s going on in the world of Kelci’s comics? A lot.

Firstly, I redesigned my little blog, and it looks totally different from what I had before! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Do you like this set up better? What do you like (or not like) about it?

Secondly, I got myself a tumblr account to post WIPs and other little sketches, and share some other artists’ work that should inspire you. I look at everything from animation to comics to illustrations and fine artsy movements. You can find the tumblr at I hope you check it out!

Thirdly, I’m in the process of making a new mini comic! Literally. It’s 8 pages all made on one side of a sheet of copy paper. Why am I making this? Well…

Fourthly, there’s a convention going on in my new native town of Sandusky called Colossalcon! I’m hoping to go there and network with some artsy people, and to that end I’m making my mini comic and making copies to hand out in lieu of a business card (because I’m not too big a fan of business cards).

Fifthly, I figured out my technology! Both my tablet AND my scanner work just fine now! So now I can post new work like CRAZY. You’ll see more of it here on the blog, on the tumblr, and on the deviantart.

Man, I’m all over the place on the interwebz!

Sixthly, speaking of posting art like crazy, I now have a new section of my blog specifically to show off illustrations! Go check it out, for I have posted a special illustration just for you.

Seventhly, I would like to experiment with a new idea for the blog. You may see a surprise post on a day that is NOT Saturday, so stay tuned. :3

More shall be coming soon! Expect more comics, more art, more illustration-y things, and more EPICNESS.

Thanks for tuning in, and Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

Then Technology Reared Its Ugly Head…

Good evening, readers, it’s another Saturday.

A couple of things: Thing 1) some updates about why technology is biting me in the ass, and 2) an update on blog-related things.

So Thing 1 first. Technology has proven to not like me, because my tablet doesn’t seem to like my (new) laptop too well, and my scanner/printer combo machine can’t connect to the laptop, either. So if you see any art updates, keep in mind that they may be a little old because I managed to scan them in before I left my alma mater’s print lab and its wonderful scanner.

This stinks, too, because one of my goals for this summer was to share more of my art to my fave peeps online. Now I can’t really do that.

Thing 2 concerns the blog. I’m going to change the look.

I’m doing this largely because I want to make a consistent image of myself across my blog, deviantART, Twitter, and Tumblr pages (I’m still debating if I want a Facebook page of my art). Any major overhauls of the blog will be taking place, more than likely, over this upcoming Sunday and Monday, my two days off. More time will more likely be needed, though. Please be patient as I work on this!

Hopefully, things keep going well for all of you!

And as always, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

EDIT: The scanner issue has been fixed! Proceed with the dance of joy at the thought of seeing more work on this blog and everywhere else! WOO!

Prequel to "Catalyst"

Thank you all for waiting so patiently while I settled into my current life after graduating a few weeks ago! I’m back now, which means that this blog is back to updating on a regular schedule. You can now expect updates every Saturday.

Of course, you might also be wondering about the title of this blog post. A prequel, you wonder?

Yes, indeedy, this is a (scrapped) prequel to my graphic novel project Catalyst. I scrapped this prequel from the project because I decided to stick with the introduction in the original draft of the story.

Not that this 8-page mini is without merit. I’m still quite proud of the quality of this work.

I made this on 6 inch by 10 inch pages with Prismacolor cool grey markers, permanent marker (to get deep black), and technical pens.

Be sure to click the images to see them in large view.

Thanks for looking! If you like it, please share this with your friends. I love meeting new people who read my stuff. :D

As always, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.


I’m sorry…again. I didn’t update on Saturday like I promised.

As a legitimate excuse, I am graduating from college, so my schedule has not given me the time to really attend to my blog like I should. The next week and a half are also looking busy, since I’ll be on family vacation and then moving into my apartment to start my summer job again.

To make up for this busy schedule, I would like to share another comic!

This one I did as a final project for my Contemporary Issues in Drawing and Painting class Fall semester of 2011. It’s called “Mermaids.”

This is actually one of the few comics I have made based on events that actually happened. Characters have been changed a bit, but the events themselves are true to life.

To read, just click on the first image and it’ll enlarge. There will be a scroll along the bottom you can use to get to the next page.

“Mermaids” was made with watercolors and ink.

I hope you enjoyed this!

I won’t be able to update again until either May 12 or May 19, so I would like to apologize in advance. I’ll be sure to bring another comic I did, though, because I did a lot of them this semester. :D

As always, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!


I did not post anything last week. I am a terrible person.

To make up for it, I’m sharing with you an 8-page mini comic I finished recently for my Senior Studio in Art class. It’s called “Shadow”.

This was made with 6 inch by 10 inch pages, with India ink.

Just click on the first page and a scroll bar of the pages will appear on the bottom. I hope you like it. :D