Dragon Men and Strange Men

I love Dragon-Men. Unfortunately my scanner pulled a Derp moment and jagged it up. :P

Don’t ask me what I was thinking when I made that guy’s sword. Just don’t.

Also, INFINITY TRIANGLES! That’s where you draw a shape (any shape! Triangles, squares, stars, Abraham Lincoln, etc) and you fill it with the largest circle you can make. Then fill the empty spaces with large circles, and so on and so on. Go check out vihart on YouTube. She can do this FAR better than me. :D

Fun with Markers!

Straight from my sketch book. You can click for a larger image if you want, but be forewarned: it’s HUGE. I’ll fix it later.

I really like pen tools. The boy on the bottom left was drawn with Sharpie markers while the man on the bottom right was drawn with a (dying) brush pen. The elephant was also drawn with a brush pen, and the owl was drawn with microns.

ALSO, I must say this because a great guy named hankville noted this on Twitter: the elephant was actually referenced from a Disney movie. To be specific, it was referenced from The DuckTales Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. (Look it up on Youtube! They have it!)

I love owls. They look like they just caught two dogs doing the giggity, they look so surprised. xD

My First Entry: Margot

My first entry! Woot!
This is my ever-so-lovely and fashionable character, Margot. I have a lot of fun drawing her, especially in different types of Gothic Lolita fashions. :3