Sketchbook Achievement ALMOST Unlocked

The Goth Punk Girls sketchbook is almost done! I only have five sketches left to make for it.

Here’s a peek at a few more of the ladies. I haven’t posted these anywhere else (yet).




goth punk girls sketch


GothPunkGirls16_web GothPunkGirls17_web GothPunkGirls18_web

…I need to draw more Goth girls. Looking at these and the last post, I realized I’ve been drawing a lot more punks than I realized.

I’ve been learning things with this project, though, like:

  • Varying face shapes on women,
  • How to digitally color tattoos,
  • Rendering new eye shapes, and
  • Practicing a variety of hairstyles (which is good because for a while I was drawing nothing but Mohawks.

However, I need to…

  • Draw more fat girls,
  • Draw more goth girls,
  • Draw more trans girls,
  • Draw other ethnicities.

You never realize what you need to work on until you make it and then share it with the public.

What kind of things are you sketching? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

You. Are. Awesome.

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