The Fundraiser for the ACLU – The Results

In July, I had all proceeds from the sales of my prints benefit the ACLU.

So how did it go?

Well…truthfully, only one print sold. But I had a little extra in my budget, so I rounded up this final donation:

I advertised this fundraiser on my email newsletter and Instagram page, but not many other places. I likely could have gotten more results posting about this on TikTok and/or Tumblr. Also, next time, I’ll make a banner on this blog to shout out fundraisers. Maybe even post KickStarter updates (because I have 10+ campaign pages I can post updates to).

So let this be a lesson in marketing/getting the word out – announce things in more than one or two places!

That said, I’m glad to have made the one sale, and to make the donation to the ACLU.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support.

You. Are. Awesome.