pranesh from johnson and sir

Private Deputy Pranesh Guptarani
Age: Older than everyone except for Officer Struthers and Commander McWeenie.
Race: Human
Gender: Male, mostly. Sometimes doesn’t have a gender.

There are more secrets to discover about this guy, but to find out more, you gotta pledge to the Johnson & Sir KickStarter – the secrets are revealed in the book!

More character sketches are coming next week, along with more dinosaurs, Spaghetti Noodle Monsters, mustaches, and other silliness.

If you want all this silliness, there’s always Johnson & Sir – it’s what they do everyday.

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Pranesh Sketch (In Progress)

pranesh sketch from johnson and sir webcomic
(Colors will be added soon!)

Pranesh is a very quiet member of the Fantasyville Police Squad ran by Officer Struthers (also known as “Sir”). He actually didn’t speak very much until the Haiku Flu struck everyone at the police station.

Very little is actually known about Pranesh, other than that he has a sister named Sissy, and as revealed towards the end of the comic, he has tattoos. However, no one knows the story behind them. Continue reading “Pranesh Sketch (In Progress)”

New Novel In Progress

runemage and dragis work in progress sketch
Runemage and Dragis (Work In Progress)

A long while ago, I wrote a series of blog posts about projects that I had abandoned or put on the shelf. One of those projects was a story about an elf named Auxaton.

More recently, I had been swamped with work. One of the ways I cope with getting lots of work and getting overwhelmed is… writing new stories.

See, this is why I have, like, seven different scripts being written at once. Continue reading “New Novel In Progress”