The Boardwalk of Savannah, GA

savannah, georgia

Last weekend I went to Savannah for Swarm Con and had a blast!

I had never been to Savannah before, so my pal Chloe showed me around the town. She’s currently going to the Savannah College of Art and Design, so I got to see a few of their buildings. Mostly we explored along the boardwalk and the shops that were there.

savannah, georgia shops

savannah, georgia boardwalk

It reminded me a bit of Marietta, OH since almost all the historic roads are brick or stone. The standout difference?


savannah, georgia historic steps


Dotted here and there throughout the alleyways are steps that are almost two feet high each step. It’s ri-goddamn-diculous.

At least the architecture was cool to look at. The boardwalk had buildings and stores stacked on top of each other like layer cakes.

savannah, georgia

savannah, georgia architecture


savannah, georgia

savannah, georgia

savannah, georgia hyatt hotel
This one is a road that cuts through the Hyatt Hotel.

We also had dinner at the River House. Their shrimp and grits are absolutely delicious and pairs really well with sweet tea.

Oh man I hadn’t had genuine southern sweet tea in such a long time. It was SO refreshing to get it in Savannah.

I also tried oysters, which was…interesting.

The first one made me go, “Ugh, what a weird texture. But let me try another one just to see if it gets better.”

The second one? “AUGH, too much vinegar on that one! Let me try one more.”

The third one? “…Yeah, oysters are not for me.”

I was expecting something rubbery, and…it was, but it was also slimy and cold. Not my thing. But I gave it a try!

Next time I’ll actually talk about Swarm Con, because there are some commissions I did while I was there that I think you would enjoy seeing.

Thanks for reading! You. Are. Awesome.

How My Road Trip Went

Last week I packed all my stuff into a car, left enough room for Marc the Boyfriend, myself, and some food, and we drove all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to Saint Clairsville, Ohio.

According to Google Maps, it’s a trip totaling 2,033 miles.

My car is amazing. Not only did she not break down but she’s like a bag of holding, because I managed to fit a bedroom and an office in it.

On Day 1 we made it through Arizona…

2014-06-26 15.28.21
Rest area off of I-17 heading north to Flagstaff, AZ.

And we stopped at New Mexico and camped out for the night.

Rest area off of I-40 in north-ish New Mexico.
Rest area off of I-40 in north-ish New Mexico.
Marc the Boyfriend!
Marc the Boyfriend!

We hit the road again in the morning and stopped at Albuquerque because the last time I passed through there, I stopped at a place called the Owl Cafe. I freaking loved their food there, so Marc and I had to stop and get breakfast.

There is no such thing as too much bacon.
There is no such thing as too much bacon.

We kept going and passed through the rest of New Mexico, then the Texas panhandle (we passed Cadillac Ranch), and then into Oklahoma.

2014-06-27 20.18.08
Oklahoma rest areas serve coffee, but this one was closed.

If there’s any one thing I noticed about the Texas panhandle and Oklahoma, it’s that the wind never stops blowing.

I’m not joking. All of the trees grow at crooked angles because of the wind.

We stayed the night outside of Oklahoma City, and then the next day we went on through Missouri.

The Road Cone God was spotted at a Missouri rest area. Make offerings to him to ensure your construction project gets completed.
The Road Cone God was spotted at a Missouri rest area. Make offerings to him to ensure your construction project gets completed.

I drove us through St. Louis because the interchanges from I-40 to I-70 are a butthurt-and-a-half and I had driven it at least twice before.

Then we got pizza in Illinois and stayed the night in Indiana.

It was the darndest thing, though.

Marc and I were trying to get to Ohio before we finished the day, but ended up staying in Indiana at three in the morning because we were too tired to keep going.

When we hit the road in the morning, the Ohio border was (I kid you not) right next door to our hotel.

But we made it home on Sunday.


I took a few days to unpack and settle in.

But now I’m available for conventions in Ohio and the surrounding states!

In fact, on the road trip over here, my friend Chloe and I secured a spot at the Toledo Art Walk next month!

The Toledo Art Walk is happening July 24th from 6 pm to 9 pm. More details about the art walk can be found on their website.

That’s all for now, but thank you for reading!