Comics and Himbos Galore: An Art Live Stream

Today at 2 pm EST, join me in this open studio art live stream! I’m drawing comics and himbos galore.

The Himbos I’m drawing will be part of a new zine project. To find my zines, check out my Ko-Fi shop.

Dragon Baby Pins AND Keychains are now available for pre-order! For more info (and to get them), check out their shop listings on Ko-Fi.

Got questions? I’ll answer them LIVE! Be sure to post them on YouTube or Twitch.

Check out the webcomic PuzzleSpell – inspired by Kitties by Kelci!
Here are links to Part 1
Part 2
And Part 3.

And be sure to read my webcomic, The Legend of Jamie Roberts.

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Comics, Comics, and More Comics: An Art Stream

Today, Feb 22, at 2 pm EDT, feel free to lurk as I work on comics, comics, and (you guessed it) more comics!

One of these comics I’m drawing is The Legend of Jamie Roberts. You can read the story free on its own website. Check it out if you like genderqueer pirates, dragons, and kicking monster butt.

Be sure to check out my other webcomic, Puzzlespell. Read part 1 and part 2 on Ko-Fi for free. New pages get posted on my email newsletter every Friday.

That’s all for now. Thanks for watching!

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Live Stream TODAY at 2 pm EDT

Today at 2 pm EDT, I’m live streaming on YouTube! We’re gonna’ chat about Kay the Valkyrie and their new wall print on KickStarter right now.

Who is Kay? Why a wall print? How do you even run a 7-day KickStarter campaign? What are the add-ons? That’s what we’re talking about today in the stream.

I’ll also be joined by my comics buddy Ben Wright-Heuman! He’ll help field questions you have in the live chat.

Can’t make it? The stream will be archived on YouTube shortly after it goes live.

This live stream is to promote Kay the Valkyrie on KickStarter…which has ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT on KickStarter! If you have the means, go pledge to get your print and extra rewards.

That’s all for now. Thank you for tuning in!

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LIVESTREAM: Character Art Stream

Join me in this archived live stream as I draw character art for a new project. In this art stream, I’m drawing for The Character Compendium.

The Character Compendium is a new personal project of mine. It will compile as many character designs as I can fit into one book. With this book, I aim to simplify life for game masters and dungeon masters. Just open the book to any page, take a character, and BOOM! Instant NPC for the players to interact with.

Heck, any of these characters could also be a good jumping-off point for players to make their own characters.

This is a similar concept if you’re familiar with some of my previous Inktober sketchbooks, like Gods & Spirits or Witches. (Both books are available through my Ko-Fi shop, by the way.)

As this project grows, I want to add more content specific to role-playing games for each character. Specifically, I want to add basic stat blocks. All in due time, though!

I hope you enjoy this live stream. Thank you for watching and reading!

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LESS THAN SECRET: A Livestream with Comic Creator Rainer Kannestine

Today at 1 pm EDT, Rainer Kannestine from Less Than Secret: A Cryptid Comic Anthology is joining me on this livestream!

Why? We’re celebrating the launch of our KickStarter campaign to get funding for the book! Check out the campaign while you can – Early Bird rewards will disappear April 10.

Find out more about Rainer by going to his Twitter.

I’m running a livestream every Thursday and Saturday for the month of April. Each stream will be dedicated to a contributor of Less Than Secret, and what story they made for the anthology.

Can’t watch it live? No problem! Streams get archived so you can watch them here on this site.

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