Cancelled Projects and Other Sad Things

Did you notice my little block on the left side of the screen? The one that says, “(New) Graphic Novel Progress”? Yeah, that one.

It says the graphic novel that was in progress has been cancelled. This is true.

Probably a lot of you are like, “Holy shit, what? But you wrote a 220-page graphic novel back in July! How could you cancel a new one this late into September?!” Well, here are my reasons:

  1. School. It’s kicking my butt. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning about West African Art, Painting with Watercolors, Performance Art, Visual Communications, and Deviance and Society….but I was not expecting so many time-consuming and paper-writing projects out of this.
  2. The graphic novel itself. I realized part way through the project that I didn’t do ANY (I repeat, ANY) background research or development into it, and my brain was trying to grasp ideas from straws. So I cancelled the project not just because of reason number 1, but also just to develop what the heck the story IS.

Also, updating this blog will be slow work because of reasons 1 and 2, but mostly reason 1. Rest assured, though, if I finish any art projects having to do with school or any submissions into magazines, I will post them up here.

And just to tease you all, I’ll post my first art piece (in a long, long time) on Monday, when I get back from working at my caricature-drawing job. :D

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