Miscellaneous Services

While I’m primarily a comic artist and illustrator, I can also do everything listed down below.

Quotes given are based on the simplest service package available. Need more? It will cost more.

If you’re ready to work with me, or have any questions, reach out via email at kelci@kelcidcrawford dot com.

Website Design

I can do basic WordPress (and ComicPress) installation and management for you. Believe it or not, I’ve been working with WordPress and ComicPress for 7 years now (so I know the secrets).

  • $100 per website to install it and set it up for you.
  • Need me to make art assets for it? That will cost extra. How much? Depends on what you need me to make. Ask me.


Need a blog post for your website? Or an intriguing “About Me” page? How about newsletter copy that doesn’t make your eyes bleed because of how dry it is? Look no further – I’ve got you covered.

  • $0.05 per word for blog posts (includes book and product reviews).
  • $50 for one website page (1000 words or less). Maximum of 5 pages for $150.
  • $50 for a newsletter page (1000 words or less).
  • Topics I write about include: Travel, Art, Small Business, Working Online, Budgeting, Personal Finance, YouTube culture, Comicon, and Book and Product Reviews.
  • Want me to write about something else? Ask me.

Ghost Writing

Have an idea for a book, but can’t structure it to save your life? I can make the skeleton for your novel or nonfiction title.

  • I will write for the following genres: Fantasy, Science Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, Nonfiction – Art, Nonfiction – Travel.
  • $0.05 per word, 50,000 words or less if you have an outline.
  • $0.10 per word, 50,000 words or less if I have to make the outline.
  • Two- to three- month turnaround time.
  • More words? Ask me about the rate and turnaround time.


Did you write a report, but need a second set of eyeballs to spot your spelling and grammatical errors? Send that over to me. I’ll make sure your words flow like honey on toast.

  • $1 per page, up to 10 pages.
  • One week or less turnaround time.
  • Got more pages? Turnaround time will vary – ask me.

Copy Editor

Unlike Proofreader, this job means I read your work and make sure your narrative arcs and story (or argument) make any kind of sense.

  • $1000 for a 50k word book.
  • $500 for a book between 20k and 49,999 words.
  • One week – two month turnaround time (depends on the length of work).
  • Got more pages? Ask me for a different rate.