Oh look! A Walt Disney Short! And Characters!

Late update is late.
Also, as a warning, next update won’t be until next week. This week is full of school projects JUST before Spring Break (which, for me, starts March 5), but rest assured there will be more sketches during break. Cuz’ I have nothing better to do. xD
This is from a recently filled sketchbook of mine. I relish the fact that the sketchbook is full, and now I can work on a new one. :D
So the two faces on the right are supposed to be Acran (I got his jaw wrong, so that’s why I say “suppose to be”), the girl with the bandana is Carmen, a pirate. The two men with their backs to each other are Keith (the one with the dreds) and Jared (the one with the sword).
And the smarmy, confident teen boy is Bobby. I lurves him. I lurves all of them equally, but I lurves Bobby a little more equally than the rest.
And now to make it up to you that this post is late, I shall now share a delightfully creepy short that Walt Disney himself made before Mickey Mouse was popular. It’s called “The Skeleton Dance.” Be sure to watch it in full screen.
Warning! Don’t watch in the dark.

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