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What Others Have Said About Me…

“Not only is Kelci a wonderful collaborator who understands the nuances of story development, characterization and pacing, her enthusiastic and professional manner of producing creative material is infectious. Simple put: She makes me want to be a better writer. With our comic Validation she is in tune with every part of the process and delivers beyond expectation. Hire her and your project will shine.” C. Beranek, comics writer (www.christianberanek.com)

“I am great with ideas but horrible with execution when it comes to anything involving graphic art.  That is where Kelci Crawford comes in.  I have worked with her multiple times now to bring some of my imaginings to reality and she has delivered every time. She is talented, and a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend her services!” Kristy Ferrin, author (www.kferrin.com)

“There’s something truly unique to being rendered as animation. The entirety of yourself, and your essence stands up, and out. It without any doubt sent tears from my eyes to see myself reborn. I thank Kelci for her talent, and time. I see a new, and better me when I look to my reflection. I see beauty clearly for the first time in years.” Angela Stevens

“Kelci Crawford has helped my company explain our software product with comics. With artistic skill, Kelci is able to transform our basic idea (script or sketch) into a memorable story with a diverse cast of characters. We’ve proudly displayed Kelci’s art on our website and in printed fliers. Kelci is reliable, communicates well, and is overall great to work with.” Jaymie (www.vuo.org)

kelci crawford genderqueer comic artist selfie

About Me

I’m a genderqueer artist currently based in southeast Ohio. (They/Them, if you please).

I’m currently the Chief Creative Officer at NeverEnding, Inc, as well as a comic artist and illustrator.

I’m working on some awesome comic projects, including:

Past art projects of mine include Mini-Comic Theater and The Women Warriors Project. I’ve also been a podcast host on the shows Extra ClothesPins and Clothespins & Hand Grenades.

That might sound like I’m working all the time, but I still leave time for playing Dungeons & Dragons with my pals, taking care of my two heathen kitties, and reading lots and lots of books.

Here on this site, I show off my art, both sequential and illustrative. I also blog about works-in-progress, appearances I’ll be making, comics I’ve read, the places I’ve been, and the things I’m inspired by.

If that’s still not enough, or you have questions, or you want to interview me, you can also email me at kelci@kelcidcrawford.com.

I hope you enjoy your time here!


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