Hire Me

As a freelancer, I am available for hire for a variety of work. This includes:

  • making comics (in color, or black and white) based on your scripts,
  • writing comics,
  • drawing illustrations for books, cards, etc.
  • designing characters,
  • formatting your book or comic, or even…
  • making art for your tabletop RPG group.

Is your art for personal use? Then check out my Ko-Fi commissions’ page for rates, samples, and availability. You can place your order through Ko-Fi, too! For the foreseeable future, I am available for personal commissions.

Is your art for commercial use? Email me at fantasyvilleproductions@outlook.com and let’s talk. Generally, I charge $30 an hour for commercial use. If there’s a rush to get the project done, then the rate will be determined based on the deadline and what’s demanded.

Need samples of my work? Here are a few:

mothman versus hulk fighting poster

This piece, Mothman versus The Incredible Hulk, is a personal commission. You can request something similar on Ko-Fi.

A comic cover for The Legend of Jamie Roberts. Comic cover art in full color (lettering included) is $200. That price assumes I keep some rights to the art. Want me to surrender the right to make prints of the art? That will cost extra.

Interested? Have questions? Email me at fantasyvilleproductions@outlook.com. Let’s talk.