My Comics

All comics on this page are written and illustrated by me UNLESS stated otherwise.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts tells the story of a genderqueer pirate named Jamie Roberts, and their two best friends, treasure-hunting in a land full of dragons.

Updates every Wednesday with a two-week break between chapters.

The webcomic is available on the official site and Webtoon. You can read the first 4 chapters with behind-the-scenes content by purchasing Volume 1 in my shop.

A thousand years ago, the Demon King terrorized the land, and the only one who could save the world was a man named Richard.

One thousand years after the conflict, Vanita goes jogging in the local park…and finds the Demon King beaten and bruised in the bushes!

What follows is a story about a demon and a trans girl living in a world that doesn’t understand either of them.

The comic updates weekly on the email newsletter and is archived on

Validation (written by C. Beranek and drawn by me) is the slice-of-life story of Ally, a transgender girl trying to live her best, nerdy life.

Read it for free on Webtoons or Instagram.

Find out more (and support future comics set in the Validation universe) by going here.

The Charlie & Clow trilogy is the story of a punk college student and a roaming guardian angel teaming up to defend their city from the rogue agents of Hell.

2 of the 3 chapters of this story are available to read online. All 3 chapters are in print and available for sale.

Thoughtful Dinosaur is the story of Billy Veloci, a velociraptor girl fresh out of college who, sadly, just got laid off. So she has to move back in with her mom and figure out how to adult.

This story is only available in print.

Seeing Him (written by Kia Crawford and drawn by me) is the story of Kate and Adam. Kate runs a roller skating rink. Adam is a trans man and a doctor. Together they go out in romantic comedy shenanigans.

This story is available for download here.

Johnson & Sir is the story of two elf cops in Fantasyville and the magical malarkey they must manage.

This comic is currently not online and is now out of print.