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Free Graphic Novel Day and How It Went


Last Saturday I went to New Dimension Comics in Saint Clairsville, OH to sell my wares. It was almost like a convention, but at a bookstore (and there was only one other artist selling stuff there). I made this video to talk about how it went! (Sorry there’s no footage of the crowds of people I met, but there were so many that I didn’t have time to pull the camera out of my bag).

Here’s some links to the stuff I mentioned in the video that’s all for sale: Continue reading →


Abandoned Projects: Vlog


This is a fairly more recent abandoned project.

It’s my vlog.


I stated my reasons for starting one in a previous blog post. But in that post, I forgot to mention that I was inspired by other vloggers, like the Vlogbrothers and Wheezy Waiter.

I posted three videos on my YouTube channel, and then stopped.


Well, one of the biggest reasons is I got bored of the vlogs I was making. I made a whole bunch as a sort of buffer in the event that I got sick or (as happened more often than not) family came to Arizona to visit and I would take a short vacation.

The problem was, the episodes I recorded for that buffer bored me. And if they bored me, I knew they would bore you.

The other reason I abandoned the vlog was that, while video editing and talking into a camera is fun and a useful skill to put on a resume, it’s not something I want to pursue long-term. I want to make comics, darnit! Vlogging just sort of gets in the way of that.

To be honest, vlogging was one of the first projects I kept on the chopping block, instead of trying to actively remove it.

Would I make videos in the future? Probably. And if I do, they’re either going to be art tutorials or time-lapse videos rather than vlogs, so I can show off my work process and still have my videos be art-related.

Or, I could possibly make Rubber Duck: The Reckoning. Indie film is not off the table for me.

(If you don’t know why I want to make a Rubber Duck: The Reckoning movie, you should be reading Validation. It’ll all be explained.)


Jamie Roberts, Vlogs, and Graphic Novels


Welcome to another week!

Last week there was Validation, Johnson & Sir, and The Women Warriors Project galore.

For the past two days I’ve been writing the script for The Legend of Jamie Roberts like a madwoman. The odds are high that I can finally have the whole script finished before the end of this month! And then I can start making the art, and it will be glorious.

I’ve also been mulling over the vlog. It’ll start back up again this week since I have some videos recorded already. It’ll be back to updating every Friday.

Sometimes this week, expect a review of Boxers by Gene Luen Yang. I finished reading this marvelous graphic novel yesterday and I’m polishing my thoughts about the work.

Speaking of reviews, I am open to reviewing graphic novels, comics, webcomics, or even novels! If you would like me to review your work or any particular piece of work, shoot me an email at kelcidcrawford@gmail.com.

Expect more updates later this week!


Vlogs, Caricatures, and Comics


So you might have noticed I haven’t been posting vlogs for the past two weeks.

Part of this is: the footage I’ve got doesn’t interest me, and if it doesn’t interest me, you would probably like it even less so. The other part is: nothing of value is really being talked about, and I want to change that.

I was thinking of vlogging more about comics and art books, but I want to know what you think. What should I do with the vlog series?

Talk about comics? Answer questions from readers of Validation and Johnson & Sir? Show how I make comics? Or something else entirely?

On the topic of making things, this weekend I spent some energy getting a caricatures portfolio together. Here are some of them I got finished:

This guy did a TED Talk, but I missed his name. He talks about learning new skills with 20 hours of practice.
Brad Pitt playing Lt. Aldo Raine in Inglorious Basterds.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson
…and some woman I spotted in a shopping catalog. I wanted to exaggerate her hair because it was ridiculous.


I haven’t drawn caricatures in about a year, so they’re not the best ones I’ve ever made. I’m also hoping to beat my personal record of drawing a black and white caricature in under 1 minute 30 seconds. The only way to do that is PRACTICE.

“Why are you making caricatures?” You’re asking, no doubt.

Because 1) I miss doing them, and 2) I want to get more gigs drawing caricatures at parties and conventions so I’m not so reliant on one stream of money coming in.

There’s nothing wrong with making comics for a living.

As a matter of fact, I’m psyched and so ridiculously lucky to be able to make money drawing comics.

Like Validation, which is still going strong. We even picked a winner of our Facebook giveaway and I gave stickers and a signed print! And you still like what we do, which is just icing on the absolutely delicious cake of luck.

While I’m on the topic of comics, The Legend of Jamie Roberts is going pretty well! The plan got pushed back a bit more, though: I’ll begin making pages in March, but launch won’t happen until late March or the beginning of April.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts is being pushed again (not by much, though) because I still need to finish up the scripts. I’m halfway through the story, if not more. And I want to make sure that I know where the story is going before I start making pages.

That, and I’m redesigning their costumes.

This is my favorite design so far, but I think I’ll change it again. The idea is she’ll be adding more to her costume as she travels through Corith.

Even though the sketch is black and white, the plan is to make the comic in color. I’ll be sharing colored sketches more as I work on the story.

That’s all for now, so back to the drawing board for me!

P.S. Have you heard of Patreon? It’s a voluntary subscription service to support creators. I’m thinking of getting an account on there. What do you think?

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