Abandoned Projects: Auxaton

Time to talk about another abandoned project…

Today’s feature is unique in that, unlike the other abandoned projects I’ve blogged about so far, I want to pursue this one! At some point…

Today’s feature doesn’t really have a working title, so I’m going to name it after the main character of the story:¬†Auxaton.


Auxaton is a Mountain Ridge elf and a priest. His matriarchal society worships the Goddess Ahyahweh, whom Auxaton devotes his life to.

Things were fine for a while until a band of humans came in, attacked his town, and kidnapped a great many of the people there. Even though Auxaton was trained for combat, he was overwhelmed by the band of humans and taken captive.

As the humans lead them away, Auxaton discovers that they intend to sell the elves into slavery, and in particular they intend to sell him as a breeder slave. This goes against his vow of celibacy, so he escapes the slavers with a handful of his comrades and they make their way back to their town.

However, the town is ruined. When his companions leave him, Auxaton receives a vision from the Goddess Ahyahweh to go into the world and rescue the rest of the Mountain Ridge elves, so they may rebuild and renew. And so he goes out into the world to fulfill his mission.

I’m still totally hooked to this idea, and over time I’ve developed a couple more characters for this story, illustrated here:



Goddess_color (3)

I’m eager and excited to do this, but this project has been shelved for close to two years.


Work Drama.

At the time I created this idea, I was a caricature artist in an amusement park (I would list where, but for legality’s sake, I won’t). Except by then, I didn’t like the job at all for reasons besides the art-making, so I tried working in a different department. It didn’t help.

What made it worse? It became slow season and our hours were cut to where all of us worked weekends-only.

By then, I was stressing and freaking out that I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills or have an apartment. I called up my family to talk about it and we decided that it was best that I leave the job and go back home.

So I did.

I shelved this story idea until I could get to a point where I could script it out, develop it more, and then pursue it.

This story is still a seed. It hasn’t been scripted, except for a three-page writing exercise to set the tone for it. Also, there aren’t that many characters to populate it yet.

When will it be developed?

I don’t know.

I gotta finish a few more things first.

But once I do…

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