Drawing Beefcakes – A Live Stream

Today at 7 pm EST, I’m drawing beefcakes! Including Halsin and Karlach from Baldur’s Gate 3, Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda, Dragonball Z villains, and many more.

The good news is – many of these beefcakes will be available as phone wallpaper downloads! Head over to my Ko-Fi shop to get them. Many of these are free, but tips are appreciated!

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Also, I’m running a workshop/presentation on February 1, all about how to letter comics in Clip Studio Paint! The workshop is free to attend and will be streamed on YouTube. Be sure to stay tuned for future workshops, such as how to draw muscles (like the ones these beefcakes have, am I right?).

And finally, don’t forget that this is the LAST CALL to back CATS: A Sketchbook on Crowdfundr! It’s my latest art book collecting sketches I drew for Inktober of 2023. Back it before it’s gone!

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Drawing Cats and Comics – A Live Stream Replay

Today at 6 pm EST, feel free to lurk while I work on cat art for a new Crowdfundr AND draw more comics.

I’m running a Crowdfundr campaign for CATS: The Sketchbook, a collection of cat sketches I drew during Inktober last year. You can check out the campaign, but it’s not live until Friday. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get the first notice of when it opens!

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Let’s Tour My Punk Clothes and Jewelry That I Made

Let this genderqueer punk take you on a closet journey through these clothes and jewelry I made myself. Hopefully, you find this inspiring for your DIY projects! Let me know in the comments what kind of things you’re working on – I’d love to hear about it!

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LIVE STREAM – Let’s Draw January 2024’s Club Rewards

On Jan 4, 2024 at 6 pm EST, feel free to lurk while I work on rewards for members of my Fan Clubs! While I have some phone wallpapers and coloring pages free to download, Fan Club members get exclusive digital rewards, sneak peeks at my webcomics a week early, members-only comics, AND discounts at my store and for commissions.

Also, I PROMISE I’m working on a livesteam bingo card. Have Patience.

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LIVESTREAM – Let’s Start 2024 With Drawing Comics!

Today, on Jan 2, 2024, at 6 pm EST, feel free to lurk while I work in this livestream on some comics to start the new year.

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