Occasionally I like to engage in the Daily Sketch Challenge. It keeps me artistically limber and lets me try new things.

Today I thought I would try something new with drawing digitally and lighting techniques. And also, somehow, my brushes became textured to a degree, which was also fun to play with.

Here’s my rendition of Christopher Lee’s Dracula.

If you’d like to take part in future Daily Sketch challenges, just go to this link.

In case you missed it, here’s my video showing Part 1 of my sketchbook I finished last week. Part 2 is coming soon!

Johnson & Sir also updated today! Go here to check out their latest antics (and reblog to your Tumblr, if you so wish). I tweaked the site a little bit so it should read easier. The last design seemed clunky to me. This time it should be easier to read the comics.

Don’t Forget to Be Awesome, and I will see you again soon!