Digital Sketch Challenge Reprisal?

SURPRISE! An update NOT on Saturday!

And I bring forth a sketch of a tiger and an idea:

Last year, I had done a challenge on myself called “The Digital Sketch Challenge.” This challenge had me drawing one new image a day with computer drawing programs like MyPaint or photoshop. The goal was to make an image that not only looked good, but took half an hour or less, and to share the results with the world. Unfortunately, the challenge was cancelled when my computer went bust and the motherboard fried.

Now that I have a new computer (that’s much faster, to boot) and some free time now that I’m graduated from college, I’m thinking of reprising the challenge.

This would last 30 days, and all the updates for the challenge would be posted here on the blog, on my deviantART page, and on the tumblr.

HOWEVER, I’m making a bonus to this challenge: if you would like to suggest things for me to draw, whether you are on Twitter, Tumblr, DeviantART, or this blog, please leave suggestions! I am open to any and all you may have. The only rules for suggestions are:

1) It must be drawn in half an hour or less, and
2) it cannot be pornographic or bloodily violent.

Fanart, original character art, surreal psychobabble etc. is all welcome!

I hope you’re as excited for this as I am. :D

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