God: An Illustration

pagan god illustration

What did I do after I finally got the Thoughtful Dinosaur book files over to the printer and before I could work on other freelance work?

I painted a personification of God with markers.

Because why the heck not.

This was a concept I wanted to draw for a while, after I did a sketchbook page of this character testing a new brush pen I had gotten. That’s this right here:

pagan god sketch for inktober


I liked it so much that I wanted to make a proper illustration out of it, so I got an 11×17 inch piece of Bristol paper and drew it.

The original idea was to have the background color be painted with this watercolor paint spray I got at Michael’s, but uh…I tested it on some test paper and saw the watercolor spray made the paper buckle. I didn’t want that with this piece, so I used straight Copic markers (and a touch of Sharpie for the pure black).

This piece is now framed, and will be┬áput on display at the Universalist Unitarian Church I attend fairly regularly. It’s part of their Winter show.

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Thank you for reading.

You. Are. Awesome.

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