I’m not dead. No, really. I’m not.

Holy bazinga I haven’t updated this blog in a LONG while. I feel bad about that now.

There’s a reason for it, though! I lost my personal computer because the motherboard got fried, so now I’m stuck with using either public computers or using my mom’s if I’m home on college breaks. I’m not too pleased about it, but I’m hoping I can save up enough to get a new computer soon….or I could maybe get one for a graduation present…(I’m secretly hoping for the latter).

In the meantime, don’t fret! Due to a challenge by one of my art professors, I WILL be posting more sketches on this blog soon. Unfortunately, with no computer to hook my scanner up to, that means that I’ll have to take pictures of said art with either my camera or my phone, so I apologize in advance for any crappy picture quality that comes about due to this.

What kind of art will you see, you may ask? Well I’m making comics for Advanced Drawing and Painting class, so you’ll see sketches and in-progress works of those. I’ll also be sharing some pages from my sketchbook, which I haven’t done before! Won’t that be exciting? I may also share some of my graphic novel scripts still in progress so you can see how sloppy the process looks. :D Seriously, if I compare my graphic novel scripts to my finer work, it’s like comparing a Peanuts comic scratch to a Rembrandt.

I also got SO MANY COMIC BOOKS this past week. My next blog post will detail what I got during that excursion. Plus a few other things. >.>

I also bought a domain name for this blog! It won’t be active for another 24 hours (says Google), but after that, this blog can be found at kelcicrawford.com. Simple as that.

That’s all for now. This year I plan to definitely share more stuff with you awesome readers. In the meantime, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.

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