Not Moving to

So you know that post I made about how I was going to move my blog over to

Ignore it. I’m staying here.

Blogger is a much easier interface to use than WordPress. I just played around on the site and it’s a right PAIN IN THE ASS to get anything accomplished. Domain name transfers? Oww. Makes my brain hurt. Design? I can tinker with the code and widgets easier on Blogger than I can on WordPress. I can get the look I want here without too much hassle.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m still planning on getting my own hosted blog sometime in the near future, if only because I’m tired of the little Blogger bar at the top of my page. I could get rid of it with a new blog design, but that’ll take some goddamned effort on my part.

All in all, though, I prefer Blogger. I don’t think I’ll leave it anytime soon.

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