Fun with Markers!

Straight from my sketch book. You can click for a larger image if you want, but be forewarned: it’s HUGE. I’ll fix it later.

I really like pen tools. The boy on the bottom left was drawn with Sharpie markers while the man on the bottom right was drawn with a (dying) brush pen. The elephant was also drawn with a brush pen, and the owl was drawn with microns.

ALSO, I must say this because a great guy named hankville noted this on Twitter: the elephant was actually referenced from a Disney movie. To be specific, it was referenced from The DuckTales Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. (Look it up on Youtube! They have it!)

I love owls. They look like they just caught two dogs doing the giggity, they look so surprised. xD

My First Entry: Margot

My first entry! Woot!
This is my ever-so-lovely and fashionable character, Margot. I have a lot of fun drawing her, especially in different types of Gothic Lolita fashions. :3