Returned…With a Few Stories

Ok, so family emergency has passed for the time being. I won’t go into too much detail. Now, for what happened the last few days:

Wednesday was the Halloween party bash with my coworkers to celebrate our company and artistic awesomeness. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures, and I did not get pictures of my own costume (but trust me when I say I was a fabulous fashionable ninja).

Thursday was driving down home for four and a half hours. I love car rides and road trips, especially across Ohio, because it feels like you’re moving from one world into another: from familiarity into the unknown, from the routine to the surprise, etc.

Unfortunately, while I was home, there were supposed fleas in the house, so mom had to flea-bomb the place. The cats DID NOT LIKE US after that. They’ve been growling and hissing for the past two days, probably because the house smells like chemical and not like the house at all.

Then came the visiting of the family in crisis, and then there was today.

Before I drove up, my older sister, her husband, mom, and I hung out for a bit (because, you know, how often do you see your sister who lives in South Carolina when you live in Ohio?). In the process of hanging out, we got to the topic of dreams, where Kristen shared a bizarre recurring dream she had been having for a while, which she liked to call, “The Clown.”

In “The Clown,” usually what happened was a nightmare of some sort, such as being shot at in a war, fighting the cheeseburger army, being trapped in a room slowly filling with water, etc. Well, there would come a point in the dream where Kristen would be alert enough to go, “…Wait a minute…This is a dream!” And after every time she made this revelation, without fail, a clown would appear out of nowhere (if a war dream, usually coming out of a foxhole, for instance), hand her a red balloon, and say, “Congratulations. You are correct.”

Then she would wake up and say, “THE F**K?”

So of course I made a doodle of her dream.

Why can’t MY nightmares be like that? Seriously, I want a clown who wakes me up!

Come to think of it, this sounds very Little Nemo-like. In that comic, Flip the clown would appear in front of Nemo wearing a hat that said “Wake Up!” And then Nemo would wake up.

I dunno. Just a thought.

Anywho, I’m going to head out for now and do some grocery shopping and get started on some projects I’ve been holding off on for too long.

Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

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