So What Happened This Week?

I broke my drawing wrist.

But Validation, Johnson & Sir, and Mini-Comic Theater are still updating, so check them out!
In the meantime, if you can, go check out my stores and buy my comics and art at Storenvy (re-opened!) and RedBubble.
RedBubble prints stuff for me, but they are actually a very reliable and good quality store. I’ve bought shirts from my friend Melanie on there before, so I can vouch for the quality of their merchandise (it’s good and they ship really quickly. The only complaint I have is that their shirts are rather large, so for example if you’re a ladies medium shirt, order a small). You don’t need a RedBubble account to buy things on there, but if you do have one, you get a small discount on your order, so there is that.
Storenvy is where I sell the stuff I usually sell at conventions: my comics, posters, and stickers, along with other spiffy things. Right now it’s all comics and posters, but I’ll be adding stickers and a new Validation poster on there this week. Keep your eyes peeled!
If you’re just looking for books, check out my storefront or get some comic books from me on eBay.
In other news, I’ll be updating this blog everyday (or as close to everyday as I can) to share the news in my wrist recovery, what my friends are up to, and pretty soon, some books and webcomics reviews. 
I’ll also share in some of the scripting and research I’m doing for other projects, including my newest script, Charlie and Clow.
And who knows? If I can managed sharing tutorials or useful tools, I can do that too.
Thank you all for your support! You are awesome!

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