Review Day Tuesday: House Girls and Mare Internum

Today’s vlog is all about comparing House Girls to Mare Internum, and why I think House Girls succeeds on more levels.

You can read House Girls on the Stela app for iOS, where it updates weekly, and read Mare Internum online. Read both and decide for yourself which one you like.

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Review Day Tuesday: My Love Story!!

If you’ve read “My Love Story!!” published by Shojo Beat and created by Kazune Kawahara and Aruko, leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on it!

Right now, I’m hard at work on some new illustration series’ ideas – drawing out some rough sketches, testing color palettes, and the like. I’ll talk more about those soon. Besides that, if you want to see some bonus comics like “Julia,” you can check out my Patreon page – it’s like KickStarter, but funds itself by the month and gets you more constant perks.

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Review Day Tuesday: Action Lab, Dog of Wonder #1

Today I review a new first-issue comic published by Action Lab Comics, called Action Lab: Dog of Wonder (yes, that title was intentional). I first saw this book when Action Lab Comics appeared at my local comic shop for a promotional event, and I spoke with Vito Delsante, the co-writer on Action Lab #1, who is a really cool guy. Anyway, the comic’s pretty fun and adorable and you should read it.

More book reviews are coming, so stay tuned!

In not-book-review news, there’s a new sketch comic just for patrons called, “Julia.” The version patrons are seeing now is actually the new and HEAVILY revised draft of this old story idea. So if you want to read it, go pledge on Patreon.

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Review Day Tuesday: Switch

In today’s episode I review the new title by Image and Top Cow Comics, Switch by Stjepan Sejic, a creator I am a big fan of!

In case you haven’t heard of him (which would be surprising because he’s kind of a big deal), he created the webcomic Sunstone and did art for lots of comics in the mainstream, like Witchblade and even a brief stint on Rat Queens. Continue reading “Review Day Tuesday: Switch”

Review Day Tuesday: Mulan Revelations

In today’s episode of Review Day Tuesday, I review issue #1 of the new Dark Horse title, Mulan: Revelations.

Here’s my question for you: Continue reading “Review Day Tuesday: Mulan Revelations”