NOW LIVE – The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2

Now on Crowdfundr, it’s The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 2!

Jamie is not a boy or a girl – they’re a pirate! And they found this unfinished map with their friends, so they’re going treasure-hunting in an unexplored land. But along the way, Jamie and friends find magic, restless spirits, dragons, and a tyrant locked away for centuries, coming back to haunt the people across the land…

Volume 1 (which will be available as an add-on) collected Chapters 1 through 4 of The Legend of Jamie Roberts. What we’re asking for is funding for Volume 2, to get Chapters 5 through 8 in one shiny book – with bonus content!


The Legend is the story I wish I had as a genderqueer teenager, trying to figure out my gender identity and my place in the world. Jamie is the protagonist my teenage self WISHES they had.

At first, I made The Legend of Jamie Roberts to fulfill my teenage wishes. Wishes for validation, magic, dragons, and adventure. And along the way, readers found The Legend – and REALLY resonated with the story. Which is how we’ve made it to 8 chapters long! And there are plans for more. But first…


The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2 collects Chapters 5 through 8 of the webcomic, along with…

  • Remastered and retouched art
  • Bonus comics
  • Behind-the-scenes sketches and character bios

If you don’t have Volume 1 yet, that’s ok – Volume 1 is available as an add-on reward for this campaign! (You can also read the webcomic version for free, but the print edition has remastered art and bonus content not available on the website).

For Volume 2, we’re also working with a different printer – Comix Well Spring! They’re giving a partner’s discount for running this campaign on Crowdfundr, which means less printing cost, and a more affordable price for you, the backer!

So if you love pirates and dragons and magic and mayhem, what are you waiting for?!

Or share this update if you’re broke. Sharing is caring, and it helps more than you know. Be sure to do it BEFORE SEPT 1!

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

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My Next Campaign is on Crowdfundr. Here’s Why

I’m here to announce that my next campaign is happening on Crowdfundr – not KickStarter. Here’s why.

First, it’s not that KickStarter is bad. It’s just that Crowdfundr is friendlier to comics creators.

I wrote an entire blog post with a breakdown between KickStarter vs Crowdfundr. It goes into everything, from fee set-ups to add-ons to promotions. Go read it if you haven’t yet. Since I wrote that piece, Crowdfundr has been improving its promotions. Hooray for that!

Second, I found a new printer.

For those of you who backed The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 1, this will sound familiar. For those not around for this, here’s what happened: the book printer I worked with botched the first print run. This meant I had to get the books re-printed, and that delayed reward fulfillment.

I did NOT want a repeat of this mistake, so I shopped around for printers. I worked with Mixam for The Stars of Fantasyville: A Sketchbook. However, while their quality is great, they cost more per book to print.

Enter: Comix Well Spring.

The folks at Comix Well Spring sent me a sample packet featuring the options they have in stock. I’m posting a video on YouTube reviewing the samples very soon. But I liked their quality!

Then, when I went to their site, two things happened:

  1. Their customer assistance reached back out to me less than 5 minutes after I emailed them.
  2. When I got a quote for The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 2, the price turned out BETTER than with my current book printer OR Mixam.

Add on to this…

Third, Comix Well Spring is partnered with Crowdfundr.

They have a special for small presses (like me!). If a Crowdfundr campaign is successfully funded – with Comix Well Spring fulfilling the print order – then Comix Well Spring will give a discount on the order. It’s on their website!

And finally – Comix Well Spring is domestic.

In fact, they’re based in a state next to mine. I try to avoid overseas printers – I’ve seen too many horror stories of fellow comix makers with overseas printers having their book orders held up in customs…Meaning they had nothing to showcase, so they had to bail on conventions. Conventions they paid $1000+ to attend. It’s a horror story I want to avoid. So I work with domestic printers as much as possible.

So With All of That Said…

I will be launching The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 2 on Crowdfundr before the end of July! To know when it launches, sign up for the email newsletter. Newsletter peeps get the news when new campaigns launch.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

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NOW ON CROWDFUNDR – Vanita and the Demon King

vanita and the demon king - back it now on Crowdfundr!

A thousand years ago, the Demon King and his armies marched across the lands, terrorizing the people who crossed their paths. Only one man stood up to the Demon King, and his name…was Richard.

vanita chuckles

At least, this is the history Vanita grew up with her whole life.

Her story takes place in the present day. But one morning, on her usual jog in the park, she comes across the legendary Demon King himself – heavily beaten and close to exhaustion in the bushes.

And so begins this domestic story of a trans girl trying to make sense of the fabled Demon King passing out on her couch.

Also…Vanita and the Demon King takes place roughly one year after the events of The Case of the Wendigo. That’s right – we’re coming back to the Charlie and Clow universe!

Back It Now on Crowdfundr, Yo

I need your help to cover some costs before production starts. A full breakdown is available on the Crowdfundr page, but here’s the TL;DR: help cover web hosting and domain costs, and all funding beyond that will cover producing pages for Vanita and the Demon King.

Almost all rewards are digital, with a handful of physical rewards. All of these will be easy to fulfill.

Rewards include early access to finished pages, commissions, and downloadable comic scripts!

If you’re able to pledge support to this cozy odd couple story, head over to Crowdfundr now and make your own reward bundles!

If you’re broke, share this campaign far and wide. Shares help more than you know.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you for reading!

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Kickstarter vs Crowdfundr: A Breakdown

For years, I ran campaigns on KickStarter. All to make comics and merchandise like buttons a reality.

Then KickStarter started getting into Blockchain. And I wrote my piece on THAT decision (in that I thought – and still think – it’s a BAD IDEA).

But where could I find a substitute for Kickstarter?

Enter: Crowdfundr.

They not only sponsored the Small Press Expo in 2022.

They NOT ONLY have campaign links that are easier to share than KickStarter campaigns.

They had a representative reach out to me AND CHAT WITH ME to answer questions I had about the platform.

AND…Crowdfundr built their site with comics creators in mind.

That said…is Crowdfundr the complete replacement we need?

Let’s break it down: Kickstarter vs Crowdfundr

To run a crowdfunding campaign of any sort, you need these key things:

  • Easy-to-share URLs.
  • A clear funding goal.
  • A set timeline to get funded.
  • An audience of any size.
  • A simple way to customize your campaign to make it easy for fans to back you.
  • Minimal fees.

So how do these two platforms size up with these keys?

Easy to share URLs

First off – KickStarter has a tendency to make their URLs extra long. It makes it a pain in the ass to share their links.

I’m not the only creator who has resorted to using TinyURL or Bitly to shorten a KickStarter link. Some creators will even buy a domain name just to make sharing a link easier. (I don’t recommend this. Domain names are an annual fee and you only run your campaign once.)

With Crowdfundr, you can set the URL yourself.

I have run one campaign on there so far but I can STILL tell you, without looking it up, that you can find it at


A Clear Funding Goal and A Set Timeline to Get Funded

These two tie in together. I’ll get into why in a second.

If you run a campaign on KickStarter, you need a set amount of money to raise and a deadline to get that funding.

But KickStarter runs on all-or-nothing funding. If you don’t meet your funding goal by the deadline, you lose any money raised up to that point.

This is meant to be a fail-safe for backers. The idea is that they won’t be charged for a campaign that failed to meet a funding goal. Nobody wants to waste their money on a project that fails out of the gate…right?

I’m sure a lot of people who backed “successfully funded” campaigns on KickStarter have a LOT to say about this. Looking at you, Mighty No. 9.

And I’ll be upfront – there are KickStarters I have backed that met their funding goal…and then nothing came of the project. They got their funding, and then all I heard were crickets. Just because a project got its funding doesn’t mean they follow through on making said project real.

But maybe the asking goal wasn’t enough to fund the project. What then? Run a second Kickstarter? How would that look to backers of the first campaign?

Here’s where Crowdfundr has a leg up, in my opinion.

Crowdfundr lets you choose: all-or-nothing, or get paid immediately.

When I ran the Crowdfundr for the Dragon Babies keychains, I chose the get paid immediately option. What that does is this: when a pledge comes in, the payment is processed immediately.

No waiting period. The payment just showed up. And payments went directly to me. (I kept getting PayPal notifications when a new backer backed the Crowdfundr).

Whichever option you pick, you have another Crowdfundr tool to use: changing the campaign deadline and asking goals AFTER launch.

I actually did this with the Dragon Babies campaign because of Small Press Expo promotional reasons. Basically, if Crowdfundr wanted to help boost my campaign, I had to have the campaign run DURING Small Press Expo.

Anyway, let’s say you run a campaign on Crowdfundr to get a comic to print. You meet your goal (great!). But then shipping books to backers costs more than you expected. It quickly becomes apparent that you have no money left after printing the books to actually SHIP them.

(This has happened to too many creators on KickStarter.)

Crowdfundr can let you update the asking goal and post an update to your backers explaining the change.

If you keep your backers in the loop on the regular, they will support you. ESPECIALLY if you have to ask for a little more help.

“But what about payment processing fees?”

We’ll get to that.

An Audience of Any Size

Unfortunately, KickStarter has a leg up on this one over Crowdfundr, at least for now.

KickStarter has an algorithm for potential backers to browse campaigns based on: projects they’ve backed previously, favorite categories, and favorite creators. It functions a little like YouTube in that way.

Because of this, it’s easy for potential backers to find a creator they have never heard of.

This makes it easier for a newbie creator to post their campaign on KickStarter and get entirely new customers. That’s how beginners can start a reader/fan base.

With Crowdfundr – at least for now – you have to drive traffic to your page yourself. Crowdfundr does not have a built-in search engine or algorithm to find random campaigns based on your likes.

Because of that, Crowdfundr makes more sense for people who have a fan base already built outside of KickStarter.

A Simple Way to Customize Your Campaign So Fans Back You

I really want to rant about add-ons right now but I gotta build up to this.

First: both platforms are comparable for writing your About page. When writing your campaign pitch, KickStarter and Crowdfundr have the same formatting tools.

They also have the same Risks and FAQ sections. Again, minimal differences.

Setting up rewards?


When setting up rewards, you want to make them relevant to your campaign. You also want to keep your options simple, so backers aren’t overwhelmed with decision paralysis.

To that end, KickStarter implemented a two-step system: Base Rewards, and Add-On Rewards.

Base Rewards are what the backer sees immediately on the campaign page. Ideally, you only have 3 or 4 options, plus or minus an Early Bird tier or a Limited Edition reward.

Once you pick a Base Reward, you get taken to the Add-ons page. Here, you choose extra rewards to get bundled with your Base Rewards.

KickStarter sucks at add-ons.

There. I said it.

Digital add-ons? Fine. Because shipping costs aren’t involved.

Physical add-ons? Good luck figuring out additional shipping for THAT.

Because here’s the thing: when you choose physical add-ons with KickStarter, they stack on top of the Base Rewards.

Meaning shipping costs ALSO stack.

It’s VERY easy to overcharge on shipping with the add-on system on KickStarter. And that sucks for the backer.

Not only that, but I’ve had it happen where a backer wants just one element of a reward bundle, but can’t get it unless they pledge to that tier.

It’s like saying, “Oh, I just want the comic and the sticker. But the only reward tier you have is for a comic, a sticker, and a print. I don’t want the print. Just the other two.” How do you fix that? By making another new tier?

Crowdfundr, on the other hand, is way more intuitive.

Their rewards are all a la carte.

Meaning: you can list out the reward components individually. And then backers can make their OWN reward bundles.

When I ran the Dragon Babies Crowdfundr, I got SO MANY variations of rewards. Two keychains to one backer? Done. A keychain, sticker, and zine? Done! A keychain and a commission? Done! Just a sticker! You bet it’s done!

Not only that, but Crowdfundr will simplify shipping costs: when a backer picks multiple physical rewards, the system chooses the more costly shipping price, and makes shipping free on the other items. It’s a simpler way to bundle shipping.

Minimal Fees

KickStarter charges a 5 to 10 percent fee for running a campaign on their platform. And that’s on top of credit card and payment processing fees.

So when you raise funding on KickStarter, you have to budget losing up to 10 percent of your funding to fees and upcharge your asking goal to compensate.

Crowdfundr as a no-fee option.

…I know what I said. They have an explainer breaking it down.


Did you know Crowdfundr can turn your post-campaign page into a store?

Well, they can! That way, your easy-to-share URL can still be put to use after you wrap up the campaign.

Because of ALL of that…

My next crowdfunding campaign will be on Crowdfundr.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you still have questions or concerns.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

Available for Pre-Order for 3 DAYS ONLY – Dragon Baby Pride Keychains

dragon baby pride keychain crowdfundr ad for three days only

They’re here – and they need your support!

For folks who liked my blue baby dragon keychains, you’re gonna LOVE these new Pride Baby keychains! They’re the same size as the blues, roughly 2 inches square (not counting the keyring). Plus they’re printed on one side in sturdy, clear acrylic. They also come with a protective film on the front to save the babies from scratches.

Why make a Dragon Baby keychain with LGBTQ+ pride colors? Well, to let folks know that they’re not alone. That they can be brave AND adorable at the same time. And if people take issue with that? Well, a baby dragon is still a dragon. Never meddle in their affairs (for humans are crunchy and good with ketchup).

Anyway, these babies are now up on Crowdfundr for 3 DAYS ONLY!

Why Crowdfundr?

While Crowdfundr is new (to me, and I’m sure to you, too), they’re actually sponsoring this year’s Small Press Expo – a show I’m going to!

I also spoke with a representative from Crowdfundr. These folks have worked with other comics artists, so they know what creators like me (and patrons like you) are looking for in a campaign.

Also…the platform is smooth as heck to work in. AND you can mix and match your own reward bundles!

Do you want just a keychain? You can do that. Or maybe a sticker, keychain, AND a painting? You can do that, too! Want 15 keychains and a page from Dragons: A Sketchbook? Make it happen! I’m already in love with Crowdfundr because of this mix-and-match reward system alone.

I hope you give this new platform a try – and I hope you support these Dragon Baby Pride Keychains!

If you’re broke, check out the campaign and click the share buttons. There are a TON of options, yo.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

You. Are. Awesome.