Inktober, Day 9 – A Live Stream

Today, October 9 at 2 pm EST, you can lurk while I work on some Inktober art! Inktober is the artist’s challenge of making one new ink drawing every day during October. As part of Inktober, I’m drawing all of my comic book characters!

Got questions? I’ll answer them LIVE!

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Drawing – Clip Studio Paint
Streaming – StreamYard or OBS

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Week 1 of Inktober

Inktober is an artist’s challenge to draw in ink every day during October. Usually, artists will follow an official prompt list, or make their own.

I don’t do that. I pick a theme and draw to it.

In 2017, I drew Witches. In 2018, Gods & Spirits. 2019 – Dragons. Then I collected those sketches into books. In 2020, I drew Landscapes and Cats. 2021 – I drew a comic panel every day and it became Puzzlespell (coming to PDF very soon).

This year, I’m drawing my characters! These folks are from my comics, written works, and roleplaying games. At the end of the month, I fully intend on collecting these sketches into a new art book.

Without further ado, I’d like to share with you the first week of Inktober sketches – up to Day 6.

Here’s Day 1 – Acrudon, a former demon turned human from The Case of the Wendigo and the upcoming Vanita & The Demon King (working title).

inktober day 1 show s a sketchbook page. In it stands a bearded man in a tacky shirt and baggy red pants carrying a box of sundries.

Follow that up with Day 2 – Claudia, a witch and Acrudon’s partner from The Case of the Wendigo and the upcoming Vanita & The Demon King (working title).

inktober day 2 is a young woman in a dress covered in cloud patterns. She has red hair and a pregnant belly.

Then, Day 3 – Vanita, a witch from the upcoming Vanita & The Demon King (working title).

inktober day 3 shows a pale young trans woman in a camisole and jogging shorts.

Here’s Day 4 – Clow, a guardian angel from Charlie & Clow, Charlie & Clow: The Bonus Arc, The Case of the Wendigo, and the upcoming Vanita & The Demon King (working title).

inktober sketch showing a very tall man with a purple mohawk, bright red vest, and black, well-pressed outfit. He's carrying a pistol.

On Day 5 – Basho’s twin brother, [REDACTED], a dragon from The Legend of Jamie Roberts. (By the way, volume 1 is available in my shop).

inktober sketch showing a character from the webcomic The Legend of Jamie Roberts. This man stands with his back to the viewer, shirtless, wearing a red kilt and dark leather boots. He holds a sword on his shoulder.

Finally, for this week, Day 6 – Prince Malus, a shadow elf from my current campaign of Dungeons & Dragons. He also stars in The Prince of Shadows (a work in progress).

inktober sketch showing a tan elf holding two curved swords. His silver hair is tied back in a braid. He wears a baggy white shirt that's open to show his muscles, and black leather pants, boots, and gloves.

More sketches will be shared next Thursday! In the meantime, keep an eye on my Instagram and YouTube channels. I do live streams on those platforms showing off how I draw these sketches.

That’s all for now. Thank you for checking in!

You. Are. Awesome.

The Final Hours of Jamie Roberts, Volume 1 on KickStarter

We’re in the FINAL hours of The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 1 on KickStarter.

If you haven’t heard:

The Legend is the story of Jamie Roberts and their two best friends treasure-hunting with a stolen map in a land full of magic.

The story is a long-running webcomic project, but now…

  • We’re getting chapters 1 through 4 (plus bonus material) in one book.
  • The KickStarter launched to get funding so the book can go to print.
  • We reached our initial goal! And now we’re SO CLOSE to our next stretch goal!

Interested in getting the book? Back it soon – the campaign ENDS MARCH 27 – that’s THIS SATURDAY.

Rewards for backers include, but are not limited to:

  • Books!
  • PDFs!
  • Stickers!
  • Campaign-exclusive minicomics!
  • And more!

If we reach 50 backers, I’ll add new bonus material to the book: sketched versions of Chapter 5’s first 3 to 4 pages. Will you be our 50th? Or even our 51st?!

Broke? Share this post, or the campaign link ( FAR AND WIDE!

Thank you for your support however you show it.

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Last Week for The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 1

a four-block design announces "The Legend's Last Week on KickStarter. Campaign ends March 27. More info at" In one block, Jamie blocks a sword attach from a soldier. In another block, Basho and Izhye gasp in shock. Another block announces rewards for campaign backers.

It’s the LAST week that The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 1 is on KickStarter. The campaign ends March 27!

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 1 collects the first 4 chapters, plus bonus content, in one volume. If you love genderqueer protagonists, pirates, dragons, magic, and adventure, this is the story for you!

Early Bird rewards may be all claimed, but there are still other rewards. Like…

  • $1 – you get a copy of Jamie and Friends’ map made as a desktop background.
  • $2 – you get the above PLUS the minicomic The Legend of Norsa mailed to you.
  • $10 – you get the digital background PLUS a PDF copy of The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 1.
  • $25 – get the above PLUS the copy of the book with a custom autograph
  • alternately, $25 – get the digital rewards PLUS two copies of the book are donated in your name to your local library.

Can you back the campaign? Then check it out BEFORE MARCH 27!

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The Legend of Jamie Roberts’ Newest Print

Awwww yeah! This print got finished not too long ago to showcase my new upcoming webcomic, The Legend of Jamie Roberts. (Coming online mid- to late-November.)

Illustrated here, from foreground to background, is Jamie Roberts, Ragun Ranki (pronounced Rah-Goon Ra-N-key), and the dragon shape of Ragun Basho (pronounced Rah-Goon Bah-show).

This took a little while to illustrate, especially with the waves of The Way in the background. The Way is the spirit world, where souls rest after death and before birth, and where Ranki was banished after The War of the Leaders 500 years before the start of the Legend.

Here’s some clips of the progress of the piece:

The colors of the background and Ranki were done in Clip Studio Paint to save me some marker ink.

This image will do double-duty as both a print and as the cover art for Chapter 1’s online serialization.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.