Goals for 2015

It’s not yet New Years, but I wanted to talk about this early. That way I’m not too lost in the flood of New Years’ Goals posts that are sure to flood across the internet.

Sure, I have goals for 2015. There are personal ones like walk everyday, send more cards, that kind of thing.

But this blog post is being made to share the goals for my comics in 2015.

Why am I sharing them?

Because I want you to hold me accountable.

In sharing my goals with you, I hope that you can keep me on the right track, so I don’t lose my way, so I can succeed, and not back out of promises I made to you.

In return, I hope to hear about your New Years resolutions in the comments. So that way, I can help you do the same!

So, for 2015, I have a list. A list of things I wanted to accomplish. These things are…

Of course, a lot of those goals are not specific. So I broke them down into do-able chunks and came up with…

  • Write every day,
  • Publish 1 new eBook a month,
  • Finish 1 new painting a month,
  • Post 4 items on Storenvy every month,

Breaking it down even further, I have goals for every week and even every day! They are…

  • Write 1000 words a day,
  • Draw 2 Sketchbook pages a day,
  • Finish 1 new mini-comic a week,
  • Post 1 new item on Storenvy a week,
  • Update this blog Monday through Friday

To help me keep track of my daily goals, I borrowed from Karen Kavett and Charlie McDonnell (and Jerry Seinfeld) by printing up copies of the Don’t Break the Chain calendar.

The idea of this calendar is that you have a goal to accomplish everyday. Every day you do the thing, you check off the day on the calendar. Do it everyday and you start a chain of check marks, so don’t break the chain!

One of my big goals is to update this blog Monday through Friday. That will start January 1, 2015, this Thursday.

I actually tied a few goals together for 2015: I intend on reviving the Women Warriors Project by making one new painting every month for it. By finishing 1 new mini-comic every week, I’m making one new item to sell on Storenvy every week. By sketching 2 pages everyday, I’m making content for eBooks I’m publishing every month. When I finish a sketchbook, I’ll make a video and upload it to YouTube.

I like combining goals. It makes accomplishing them more fulfilling.

What are your goals for 2015? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you on Thursday.

Why I Left RedBubble


This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I had an account at RedBubble, a print-on-demand place for artists to share their work and make a mint with their art printed on stickers, phone cases, T-shirts, postcards, etc.

I had an account with them a few years ago, left, and then last year or so came back to them. I wanted to try and get more involved in the community, see what other artists had to offer, and try to actually sell something.

RedBubble is not the first print-on-demand art site that I’ve tried. Years ago I had an account on Zazzle.com, which was by all accounts a failure. The upload system they had was clunky, their storefront systems even more so, and I didn’t even know they had forums (much less how to get to them) until after I left.

Of the two, RedBubble was far superior, though there are still some things lacking that made me leave today.

First, while their storefronts (or profiles, however you want to view it) are nice, they’re not customizable. At least you can sort your works into collections like T-shirts or Fanart, which helps. It just isn’t what I’m looking for.

Second, the people looking at my work on RedBubble were…other people on RedBubble. The website is large, but it’s pretty insular. Everyone knows everyone and if you DO make sales, it’s likely the buyer is another Bubbler. That was the case with my friend Melanie.

Third, though it was relatively easy to share your work on things like Facebook and Twitter, it’s not that much of an improvement. Again, RedBubble is pretty insular, and people outside of the site don’t know what it is.

Fourth, I wasn’t selling ANYTHING. For over a year.

I admit I didn’t market it very well. Even most of my readers will be like, “Woah, you were on RedBubble?”

Honestly, though, I’ve had WAY more success on Storenvy. At least there, I average one sale a month and I would love to boost my sales even more. I can customize the store AND decide what I sell. Win-win!

So, thanks RedBubble, but you were not for me.

Unfortunately this means you won’t be able to get the T-Rex Sissy Fight as a T-shirt…FOR NOW.

(I’ll look elsewhere and if I find a good printer, pre-orders will be coming. Watch out here on the blog, because that’s where I’ll be posting the news!)

If you want to visit my Storenvy store, you can click here or click on the “Shop” link along the top of the page.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found this helpful!