The Legend of Jamie Roberts Six-Page Preview and More

The Legend of Jamie Roberts now has a six-page preview! To read it, go here.

And just in case you missed it, I started posting “Mermaids” to Mini-Comic Theater. To start that, go here.

Don’t forget, too, that Validation updates tomorrow, and then Johnson & Sir updates on Tuesday.

Plus! Another new comic will be premiering this week! I’ll be sharing a link once it’s ready here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

You would think I’d get tired of making comics all the time, but I don’t. That’s the fun part.

I can hear you asking, “You’ve been hyping up The Legend of Jamie Roberts for months now! When will it launch?!”

Here, I’ll do it in bullet points, because it’s easier for me to do it this way:

  • Jamie Roberts launches in the first week of November
  • Once we get closer to launch, I’ll set a date and announce it.
  • The comic will be full color
  • The comic will update once a week…to start.
  • Once I feel comfortable, I’ll increase production to twice a week.
“And what about your other new comic? You haven’t told us anything about it!”
Well, I can at least tell you the title and then explain my reasoning.
The new comic is called…

Adventures With A Bipolar Sister.
Now let me explain:
  • This is a personal, autobio comic about living with my older sister, who has manic depression. 
  • My little sister, who will appear occassionally, also has manic-depression, but she experiences it differently than my older sister does.
  • This comic is not just autobio; it’ll also be an exploration of mental disorders.
  • There will be comedy, but I don’t want to make manic-depression a laughing matter, because it’s not. This comic is a reflection of my life: there’s comedy, but there will be a LOT of arguing and spite. And that’s ok.
  • I’m making this comic for not just myself, but other people who either have, or no someone who has, a mental disorder. I’m making this comic to help say, “It’s ok. Having a disorder won’t cripple you for life. No. Really. It won’t.”
I try to make comics that have meaning to me in some way. That’s why I do Validation, The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Adventures With A Bipolar Sister, and Johnson & Sir (yes, Johnson and Sir have meaning to me).
To me, comics aren’t fluff: they’re a way to express a story I could not express otherwise.
I’ll probably talk more about how I feel about comics later. Or maybe I’ll tackle it in a comic. Who knows?
Thank you for reading, and always remember to be awesome!

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