Then Technology Reared Its Ugly Head…

Good evening, readers, it’s another Saturday.

A couple of things: Thing 1) some updates about why technology is biting me in the ass, and 2) an update on blog-related things.

So Thing 1 first. Technology has proven to not like me, because my tablet doesn’t seem to like my (new) laptop too well, and my scanner/printer combo machine can’t connect to the laptop, either. So if you see any art updates, keep in mind that they may be a little old because I managed to scan them in before I left my alma mater’s print lab and its wonderful scanner.

This stinks, too, because one of my goals for this summer was to share more of my art to my fave peeps online. Now I can’t really do that.

Thing 2 concerns the blog. I’m going to change the look.

I’m doing this largely because I want to make a consistent image of myself across my blog, deviantART, Twitter, and Tumblr pages (I’m still debating if I want a Facebook page of my art). Any major overhauls of the blog will be taking place, more than likely, over this upcoming Sunday and Monday, my two days off. More time will more likely be needed, though. Please be patient as I work on this!

Hopefully, things keep going well for all of you!

And as always, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

EDIT: The scanner issue has been fixed! Proceed with the dance of joy at the thought of seeing more work on this blog and everywhere else! WOO!

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