Vacation is Over, and Now…

Believe it or not, despite the daily blog updates, I was actually on a little vacation this past week.

My mom flew in to visit here in Arizona, so I was spending some quality time with my family, including some time at the San Diego Zoo:

2014-04-07 12.08.15
I saw my first panda! They’re smaller than I thought they would be.

There’s also been a lot of movie-watching. I recommend The Great Gatsby but NOT The Wolf of Wall Street. The former is what the latter wishes to be.

I also recommend The World’ End. It’s fascinating and hilarious, and the ending really got to me. It’s a movie that sticks to you, in a good way.

Today’s my last day of vacation. Tomorrow, I’m back to the drawing board!

And now that I’m not on RedBubble anymore, I can focus on making new art and comics for Storenvy, ValidationJohnson & Sir, and the Free Comic Book Day event at the library (date, time and location are on the sidebar of this blog).

I’ll do my best to update this blog everyday (hey, I’ve been doing pretty good so far). There will be sketches and works in progress for the projects this week, and I also want to do a series of posts about the making of my comics. Writing, layouts, sketching, inking, colors…

So keep checking back!

And for an inspirational photo of the day, behold a shade nook under a tree:

2014-04-09 13.45.57

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