Commission Time!

Dear Lovely Audience,

I am now free and available for Commissions, if any of you lovely readers would like to own some art drawn by me! Details are now under the “Commissions” page of this website. Isn’t that awesome that now I have one of those?

In other news, I don’t have much other news. I’m still working on the Graphic Novel Project (now on its 56th page! Woot!) and generally working on improving my art all the freaking time like I always am.

I seriously love working as a caricature artist at an amusement park because all the people I work with always inspire me to get better and try new things in my comics.

Also I’ll be sending some mini-comics to Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago because I’ve always wanted to try a hand at selling my comics at a bookstore. And Quimby’s is awesome because they let you sell your own self-published stuff, which is great! I’m hoping I can get more people interested in my stuff, but I’m doing this more as an experiment: to see if I get new readers, see how the process of consigning my work at a bookstore is like, etc.

I’ll be updating the “Illustrations” section of this site soon because I recently finished a few more of those and I like showing off.

I’m also considering experimenting in other art forms, like puppetry and video blogging and music-making. I have a ukelele and a tiger puppet already. I should do something with those.

Thanks for reading me changing topics frequently, and as always, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!


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