Politics is Weird

As I’m typing this, my little town of Sandusky, Ohio is expecting President Barack Obama to come in and give a speech during his political campaign. People are already lined up outside my apartment, and the street just outside of my building is closed to traffic to allow him to pass.

That being said, I’m not getting involved in this. At all.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m a Democrat, and liberally-minded, but I also try to be more moderate in some ways. I should be going out there to support him because (I admit with no shame) I love our President.

I just hate American politics. Let me tell you why:

I hate that it divides people into two fractions with no consolable differences. I hate that one side perceives itself as right and the other is perceived as Satanically wrong. Even I sometimes see “the other side” as horrifically worse than “my side”. I’m trying to not think like that, but with the way politics has been the last ten years, I have no reason to like the political scene or be optimistic that it will change.

It makes me angry in my heart of hearts to see people at this rally for Barack Obama holding signs that say, “Jobs Not Welfare Creates the Middle Class.” I just want to beat them with a stick and remind them that the President did not do this. We as an American people screwed ourselves over. We elected these officials to screw us, and we screw each other over all the time. No one helps anyone. If we as a people took the time to take care of each other, even for five minutes a day, peoples’ lives would be better.

In fact, take away the political signs from the people outside my street, and I can’t tell who’s Democrat or Republican. So why would we assign labels to ourselves and cause so much grief?

I don’t get it. Politics is weird. And creepy. Just like this guy said:

So I’m going to stick to the actual reality and keep making art, and vote for Obama in November. From what I’ve seen these past four years, I want him back in office over that weirdo Mitt Romney. I’m just choosing the lesser of two evils here.

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