Monthly eBook Challenge is…Not Monthly?

goth punk girl sketch with copics

When I started the new year, my original goal was to make 1 new eBook a month, and each book would have sketches I made over the course of the month, focused around a specific theme.

The first book finished was the Superhero Ladies Sketchbook (which is available now over on Gumroad). While it was fun to make, it was…intensive.

So intensive that in February I sort of neglected the next one.

The month of February was going to be dedicated to sketches for the Swan Lake-inspired story I’m writing. However, about halfway through the month, I got…sidetracked.

Mostly because I realized I did not have very compelling themes for the remaining eBooks. I would look at the list of ideas and go, “Nyehhhhhh. Really?”

The reason I was so gung-ho for the Superhero Ladies series was because it was a series I had been itching to do for close to a year.

As cool as it would be to compile a sketchbook full of comic book concept art, I decided against making one for the Swan Lake story for the time being. Because,

  • a) It’s still in rough draft, and the rough draft needs finished first, and
  • b) a lot of visual ideas may not stick around.

So I’m going to hold off on that eBook and just work on the Swan Lake story privately.

So, in rethinking this project, I’m implementing the following changes to the eBook challenge (and yes, this challenge applies to only myself, but still):

  1. One new eBook will be finished once every other month.
  2. Sketches won’t be colored digitally (it’s too time consuming).
  3. The sketches will be more spontaneous. Less planning, more doodling.

That means I’ll be making a new eBook over the course of March, and then publish it in the start of April!

What’s the theme of the March eBook?

I’m going to keep it a secret for now.

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Thanks for reading!

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