My Gumroad Shop Is Closing Soon

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As I’m writing this, I have three online storefronts – one on Storenvy, one on Gumroad, and one on Society6. Storenvy is where I list my convention swag, like books, prints, and minicomics. Gumroad is for digital downloads, and Society6 is for print-on-demand things like T-shirts. These are not including Patreon, a platform that lets folks pledge monthly in exchange for rewards.

I’ve been thinking, planning, plotting, scheming, and stroking my cats in my not-evil lair, thinking of ways to simplify things so I have only one storefront and a Patreon page.

Here’s what I’ve concluded – after watching how well the shops are doing, I’m going to transition more and more things over… to Storenvy.

This means my Gumroad shop is going to shut down soon – ish.

Here’s the thing about Gumroad – their payout system only kicks in after I’ve made $10 or more in sales at a time. If I close the shop sooner than that, I’m losing money. (This is similar to RedBubble, but RedBubble’s payout system kicked in when you made $100 in sales… which wasn’t going to happen for me, hence why I left).

If you have not bought any of my digital downloads (like sketchbooks or desktop backgrounds) on Gumroad, now’s the time to do it – I need to make at least 9 sales before I can close the Gumroad shop.

After those sales happen, all my digital stuff will turn into patrons-only content on Patreon. Patreon is like a subscription service (or that’s how I handle it): every time you contribute a set amount per month, you get a subscription to new minicomics, new mini-sketchbooks, new comic strips, and cool stuff like that.

Again, the goal right now is to get sales going on Gumroad one last time before I close the shop for good. Then all the Gumroad goods become Patreon-only content. However, I can’t get the Gumroad payout until I make at least 9 more sales. It would be AWESOME if you spread the word about this final blowout event or even buy something from the shop. Every bit helps!

That’s all for now. Thank you so much for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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