New Sketches for Seeing Him, the Webcomic

seeing him logo in color
In color!?

So, one of the many rewards available for Seeing Him KickStarter backers is a PDF copy of my sketchbook for the first 15 pages.

I’ve been drawing art like CRAZY!

Not just for the sketchbook, but to put up on the KickStarter page, too. The more art I can show to potential backers, the better, you know?

So, to that end, my new goal right now is to make one sketch a day for Seeing Him, the Webcomic.

And to show the progress being made, I’ll post new sketches on the KickStarter page, here on the blog, on Tumblr, and on Deviantart.

“Dude, you’re bananas!” I can hear you say.

I think I can totally do it.

For starters, here’s my first new finished sketch!

seeing him cast friends sketch
(Click to enlarge)

It’s Kate’s Friends! Julianne, Rachel, and the third is one of the highest KickStarter rewards.

Julianne is a personal assistant and downright raunchy lady, and Rachel is a nurse and amateur ice dancer who skates at Kate’s rink.

Come back tomorrow for another new sketch! I’ll see you then.

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