Seeing Him is Now on Patreon

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Yes, Kia and I finally have Seeing Him up on Patreon!

Seeing Him was successfully funded by a KickStarter back in May (thank you to all the backers and those who spread the word!).

That KickStarter helped pay Kia for her work writing the script and helped fund the production of the first twenty pages. For that, Kia and I are truly grateful!

However, twenty pages is not the whole story of Seeing Him. We want this webcomic to keep going.

That’s why Kia and I have made the Patreon page.

The way it works is patrons give a tip every month (like $1, or $5, or more). They help the project continue, and in exchange for their patronage, they get secret rewards like early updates, extra art, and the gratitude of the creators.

Right now, Seeing Him’s Patreon has just one reward tier, where patrons can give $1 a month. More rewards will be added soon, but we’re doing a soft launch to see just how many people want to help keep the webcomic going.

Kia and I DO have goals in mind for this project, like we would love to get Seeing Him its own website. Right now it updates on the site of our gracious host, Pink Dollar Comics. But if the Patreon gets to $100 a month in funding, Seeing Him can update on Pink Dollar Comics AND its very own website.

I hope you check out the page and tell your friends about it. Or you can read the webcomic without tipping us. You’re not obligated to tip, though tips help us greatly.

Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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