So August Begins!


Johnson & Sir STILL don’t have a website of their own. I’m seriously considering potentially hiring a web designer to completely botch design the site for me.

But Johnson & Sir are still going strong! This week, their new story arc has started, and is called, “Alien Shenanigans.”

Validation is getting SO much support from you awesome readers, so thank you! If you like the comic, you can Like it on Facebook and keep up with updates and see some fun things Christian and I share.

And in case you missed it, check out the newest page over at Mini-Comic Theater. Things are starting to heat up over at the research lab…

And The Legend of Jamie Roberts is now up to 426 pages! In fact, here’s a sneak at a bit of script I wrote yesterday:

In which Daniel gets distracted while firing an arrow, but still managed to hit a troll.


…has nothing new this week. Shame on myself.


Neither the Etsy or RedBubble store have anything new either! Man, I need to up my game.

However, I will be leaving Etsy soon, in favor of re-opening my Storenvy. Once that’s up, I can start selling In Her Wildest Dreams posters! That’ll help immensely with Validation, especially if you show your support for the comic and decide to buy one.


Look at this majestic Deadpool.

But on a more serious note, I did share my two cents on whether art school is worth it or not, as a response to someone else’s opinion.

There’s also a good written piece about making characters interesting without stereotypes, and a master post of drawing tutorials for everything from drawing cats and dogs to drawing human anatomy.

And if you need some music to listen to, this playlist is fun. It’s inspired by John Green’s books. Laurena Segara makes an appearance on there, and if you haven’t heard her, BAM, and be cured.


Maquel’s got a spiffy sketch. Jeff’s got animations.

Casey made some cool Pacific Rim fanart. Chloe made a fun Summer Wars sketch.

And of course, Christian and I are busy with Validation. But it’s a good kind of busy! She’s also been promoting other comic works from The Webcomic Factory, so be sure to check them out too. There are multiple stories on that site, but don’t get lost in all the stories!


Thank you for all of your support! You are awesome. :)

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