What Is Thoughtful Dinosaur?

velociraptor lady reads a book
Billy Veloci!

In the last blog update, I wrote about The Legend of Jamie Roberts, a comic that is not slated to update online until 2017.

However, I have other, newer projects getting ready to start sooner than that, and one of them is Thoughtful Dinosaur. Continue reading “What Is Thoughtful Dinosaur?”

New Books, New Goals, New Comics

Where do I begin?

Well, let’s start with Charlie & Clow.

charlie from charlie and clow action pose Continue reading “New Books, New Goals, New Comics”

Charlie & Clow, New Comics, and Other News

johnson and sir kickstarter banner

Time for some updates that aren’t related to the KickStarter for Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics (which is going really well and you should totally show some support by checking it out, wink wink. Ok I’m done).

In the realm of the other comics, things are going really, REALLY well, actually. First… Continue reading “Charlie & Clow, New Comics, and Other News”

Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics

johnson and sir page 99

On August 4, 2015, my webcomic Johnson & Sir was finished at 100 pages. Two years went into the making of the story of these two silly elf cops, and I enjoyed every minute of it. What started out as an inside joke between myself and my sisters became an inside joke shared by myself and many, many readers.

While Johnson & Sir is finished…it’s not yet complete. Continue reading “Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics”

One Last Kate and Adam Sketch…


It’s now down to the last 72 hours of the KickStarter for Seeing Him, the Webcomic. And here’s one last image of Kate and Adam, the stars of the show. Continue reading “One Last Kate and Adam Sketch…”