Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics

johnson and sir page 99

On August 4, 2015, my webcomic Johnson & Sir was finished at 100 pages. Two years went into the making of the story of these two silly elf cops, and I enjoyed every minute of it. What started out as an inside joke between myself and my sisters became an inside joke shared by myself and many, many readers.

While Johnson & Sir is finished…it’s not yet complete.

So what does that mean?

It means I’m working on collecting the comics together into a super-mega-ultra-awesome book with character bios revealing all the secrets, sketches, and tons more bonus features!

When this book comes together, you’ll finally see:

  • Remastered comics pages.
  • What Johnson’s last job was.
  • Sir’s real first name.
  • The secret pasts of Pranesh and Sissy.
  • And tons more cool stuff!

As of this writing, I’m beginning to get things together for the actual book production – cover blurbs, retouching old pages, writing new pages, all that good stuff.

What I am looking for now are folks willing to give a quote or do a review about the comic. I’ll be sending emails out soon! But if this sounds like a comic you would want to review or talk about, I’ll include my email at the bottom of this post.

I have found a printer for the book already: It’s the same folks who printed my Johnson & Sir Con Special, as well as the Validation Comic-Con Special. They’ve done great with every book I send their way so I know they’ll do a good job with Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics.

In the meantime, as I work behind-the-scenes, keep your eyes open! The KickStarter to fund the book printing will be coming soon – I’m planning to launch the KickStarter in the early part of September.

Thank you so much for reading Johnson & Sir, and thank you for reading this post.

You. Are. Awesome.

P.S. Here’s my email if you would like to give a quote or review of Johnson & Sir: kelcidcrawford @

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