The Women Warriors Project is Done

women warriors illustration

I knew this day was coming. I tried to delay it but it was inevitable.

The Women Warriors Project is coming to a close.

I’ll be re-posting the art made for the project here on the blog, under “Illustrations.” Then I’ll be deleting the Tumblr blog.

“But why delete this thing?” you may ask.

Well, I have lost motivation to update it.

Don’t get me wrong! It was born from a worthy cause. I started the project to show women being warriors in history, because women have been in wars as combatants since the start of history (despite what many “well-meaning” people will tell you).

But I also started the project as a way to build up a portfolio of work. It worked, but I have since outgrown it.

Plus, my focus is going towards other, new projects.

One of those new projects is the return of¬†Seeing Him, the webcomic Kia Crawford and I are planning¬†together. What’s coming? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out…

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