What You Can Do After Charlottesville

The neo-Nazi and white supremacist riots in Charlottesville, VA happened this last weekend. You cannot deny it no matter how many anti-Antifa posts you see (which, thanks to Snopes, we know those anti-Antifa posts are fabricated). You also cannot deny it no matter how many times you say “but I have a black (insert indirect personal connection here).”

Charlottesville is a culmination of many forces, some brewing over the last 60 years, some brewing over the last 8 months. But it happened, and now we are here.

It’s ok to be angry. It’s ok to be a little (or very) scared.

Do not let those emotions change who you are. You are more than anger and fear.

Fear is a luxury we cannot afford anymore.

Now is the time to take a stand and do the right things. And believe it or not, you (the United States citizen) have the ability to do something to make a difference.

Here’s a short list of things you can do:

  1. Donate to the GoFundMe campaign to help treat the wounds of the protesters protesting the neo-Nazis and white supremacists.
  2. Here’s a short list of nonprofits and organizations fighting racism based in Charlottesville. Here’s a very long but more comprehensive list of other organizations fighting racism and bigotry in Charlottesville. Give a donation to any of these people.
  3. Sign this petition to demand the removal of more Confederate monuments. Baltimore has already removed their monuments because of Charlottesville. Here’s a NY Times article about other states and the processes they’re going through. If you live in a state with Confederate monuments, call your elected officials about it.
  4. Follow this portion of the Indivisible Guide to call your elected officials (especially at the Federal level) and hold them accountable.
  5. Use 5Calls.org to call your elected officials at the Federal level to demand change. 5Calls has topics for you to choose from, from demanding Bannon and other white-supremacists leave the White House to standing up for DACA. Click on a topic, and you’ll get your officials’ phone numbers and (if you’re nervous or agitated) a short script to use.

Now, because I associate with punks, who have historically actually been VERY anti-Nazi (as an example, read any Tank Girl comic ever and check out this long (but not comprehensive) list of anti-fascist punk songs) – I wanted to make not just a tribute to the Dead Kennedy’s song “Nazi Punks F**k Off,” but make something featuring my resident punk girl, Charlie, from Charlie & Clow.

Feel free to use this image:

charlie and clow nazi punks fuck off picture

(I apologize to the parents who read my blog with their kids for the uncensored words in the picture).

And finally, don’t forget to take care of yourself. If you are feeling extra anxious because of these troubling times, do these simple steps:

  1. Breathe in for four second.
  2. Hold that breath for four seconds.
  3. Breathe out for four seconds.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3.

You can also use this Sister Unity video to relax:

Stay safe. And don’t forget:

You. Are. Awesome.

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