Why the Women Warriors Project Has Been Turbulent

women warriors hua mu lan
Hua Mu Lan

The Women Warriors Project was something I started a little over a year ago.

It began as a blog where I made illustrations featuring warrior women recorded in history, from Queen Padmini to Nzinga Mbandi.

I did this to not only build up a portfolio of artwork, but to give something to others that I didn’t have when I grew up: an illustrated history of women heroes.

Well, I drew up some heroes and put them up on Tumblr…

And then I went from updating weekly to updating bi-weekly.

This was mostly because, at the time, there was a lot of freelance work going on, and I wasn’t able to update the series as much as I liked. Plus, I was a little stuck with the art direction. I found myself making creative shortcuts rather than trying anything new in illustration. I wanted to push myself, but didn’t know how.

Then it went on hiatus the first time because freelance work got REALLY busy.

ThenĀ I moved across states. And then got a day job. And then made MORE comics.

Eventually I was able to approach the series with a different artistic angle, and I revived it for about… a month.

Then, without warning, it went on hiatus again.


I tried reviving it as a painting series. I even started painting the first in the new series as a watercolor painting.

women warriors painting in progress
This is unfinished.

But then I realized…


I’m in love with the concept of painting. I love the idea of illustrating colors and shadows and lights with paints. I love the idea of being surrounded by your superbly messy creative tools. I love the idea of dirtying paint brushes to mix colors and experimenting with painting techniques.

I cannot paint to save my goddamn life.

I am too impatient.

I am too much of a comic artist and illustrator to pursue painting. Painting is something you do leisurely. Painting is the pursuit of perfection.

I don’t want perfection! I want to make things!

And I want to make things now!

So, with the Women Warriors project, I’m going to try a more immediate approach, with my Copic markers and ink pens. It’s already working out much better, I feel. I’ll have some finished art for it this week (GASP. Finished art for the Women Warriors Project? AM I MAD?!).

I hope you’ll stick around just a little longer, because I’m bringing back the series with, hopefully, a more fun touch.

Thanks for reading!

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