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(Special thanks to Erin Clark for the video above)

self-portrait of Kelci, a genderqueer comic artist. Depicted is a person of indeterminate gender with a shaved head, brown eyes, pale skin, and gold glasses wearing a black sleeveless shirt.

 I’m Kelci D Crawford, a genderqueer artist based in northwest Ohio for the time being. (They/Them, if you please).

I went from drawing comics in high school to being a comic artist and character designer. Today I run my own company, Fantasyville Productions, LLC to make and publish comics, focusing on inclusive stories.

CURRENTLY, I’m making…

IN THE PAST, I have made…

I enjoy making all-ages stories with queer protagonists (and sometimes magic). I also draw inspiration for my works from African and Native American art, fantasy novels, and the absurdity that is the real world.

It sounds like I do a lot, but I leave time for playing Dungeons & Dragons with my pals, taking care of my granny gremlin of a cat, and reading lots and lots of books.

Here on this site, I show off my art, both sequential and illustrative. I also blog about works-in-progress, appearances I’ll be making, comics I’ve read, the places I’ve been, and the things I’m inspired by.

If that’s still not enough, or you have questions, or you want to interview me, you can also email me at kelci@fantasyvilleproductions.com.

I hope you enjoy your time here! Thanks for checking out my site.

You. Are. Awesome.


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