History of American Comics (Abridged)


WARNING: The following is a rough summation of actual events. However, I have paraphrased dialogue. These events DID happen in real life, just (sometimes) not as absurdly as depicted.

So way back in the 1890s, aka back when men dressed like Mister Peanut, the first comics in the United States were one-panel cartoons making fun of politicians and businessmen who owned ALL THE THINGS. Continue reading →


“I’ve Got It!” A Post About New Inspiration



Lately I was stuck in a rut.

I found myself looking at the blank sketchbook page or white text file thinking, “Really, what’s the point? I don’t have any new stories.”

All my art looked dull, and nothing sparked me to write new material.

UNTIL… Continue reading →


Coping With Setbacks


clarington ohio road

The Road Trip of Life, Man…

I’ve been meditating a lot lately.

Yes, I meditate.

And lately, in my meditations, I’ve been thinking on the importance of not getting fixated on thoughts so you can live in the present.

Think about it. Presently you’re reading this blog post… until you think about that bill you need to pay for your car, or what you need to pick up at the store tomorrow, or that guy you saw the other day at the mall with that really cool tattoo walking around with the five-year-old girl and you’re wondering if they’re related and if they’ll be playing Parcheezie later – Continue reading →


A Time of Need


bat zabbai lineart close up for details

Here’s a close-up of one my my Women Warriors illustrations for sale on Storenvy.

As some project are wrapping up, I’m beginning the search for other freelancing work for art, illustration, and comics. Time to build up portfolios and pitch to people!

In the meantime, I AM available for commissions. My rates can be found here.

(My only rules are I do not draw gratuitous violence or graphic porn. Otherwise I’ll draw it. Any other questions, and you can email me.)

I also have new original art for sale on Storenvy, and digital goods on Gumroad, if you wanted something more.

Why am I hunting around for more work? Continue reading →

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