Monthly eBook Challenge is…Not Monthly?

My New Year's goal of making monthly eBooks is challenged!


goth punk girl sketch with copics

When I started the new year, my original goal was to make 1 new eBook a month, and each book would have sketches I made over the course of the month, focused around a specific theme.

The first book finished was the Superhero Ladies Sketchbook (which is available now over on Gumroad). While it was fun to make, it was…intensive. Continue reading →


Does Anime Influence Your Art?


cowboy bebop anime group photo

There’s been some interesting conversations happening on Twitter recently about artistic influences. Something I noticed though, is that some people are ashamed or shy to admit that anime has inspired them to be an artist.

And worse, there are a LOT of people who say that anime or anime-inspired art is not “real art.”

Hmmm… Continue reading →

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