I’m Off to Swarm Con This Weekend!


validation 156 promo

From Validation #156.

I’m hitting the road again, this time for Savannah, Georgia.



I found out about this show from my friend Chloe, a grad student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She and I are going to be in the Artist Alley April 25th and 26th, showing off and selling our work. If you can make it, I would love to see you there!

In the meantime, there’s a lot of webcomics available for you, from Validation to Johnson & Sir to the first chapter of Charlie & Clow.

(Johnson & Sir are still looking for guest comics! More info is available here.)

And of course, the KickStarter for Seeing Him, the Webcomic is still going! So pledge, spread the word, and help us reach our stretch goals before May 4!

And if you want to help fund another campaign, Pink Dollar Comics (the soon-to-be publisher for Seeing Him) is raising funds to get to Flame Con. So if you can, pledge and spread the word for them too!

When I come back (on Tuesday), I’ll tell you all about my trip.

And, who knows? There may be a sale on my Storenvy soon after. ;)

Thanks for reading!


Adam and Julianne at the Hockey Game


seeing him sketch adam and julianne at hockey game

Tone it down a bit there, Juli. Yeesh!

At a later point in chapter 1, on Adam and Kate’s second date, they both play a roller hockey game with their friends at the roller rink Kate manages. Unfortunately, Adam is terrible at roller hockey and Julianne got a penalty (“I’m ‘too aggressive,’ or whatever,” she says), so they both sit in the penalty box.

And then THIS happens.

I love ya, Julianne.

If you want to see more of their shenanigans, please pledge to Seeing Him, the Webcomic on KickStarter. And then tell your friends about it! Any bit of help is really appreciated.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. In yesterday’s blog post I said I would write about my DC trip this last weekend. Woops! I’ll remedy that tomorrow.


What’s the KickStarter Funding Next?


seeing him promo image

Ok, before I update you on how my trip to DC went, I need to make this post explaining something, because there’s been a bit of confusion.

Back in November, Kia and I ran the first KickStarter for Seeing Him, the Webcomic. That’s the campaign that failed.


Not just because the goal was too high, or the rewards were too much work.

The reason the goal was high was because we hoped to fund the first two to three chapters of the series.

We failed the first time.

So when Kia and I regrouped, we decided to only fund raise for the first 15 pages. It wasn’t the entirety of chapter 1, but 15 pages had a goal of $600. We both felt that $600 was a good, attainable amount to start with for an unknown webcomic.

The idea was, if we didn’t get funded at all, we just wouldn’t make the series. However, if we got funded at $600, we could make additional comics pages the stretch goals.

We would LOVE to get enough funds to make the first chapter in its entirety.

But for a webcomic that hasn’t started yet, that may be asking a bit too much.

So far, everyone has been super supportive and helping to get Seeing Him, the Webcomic funded! We are already up to a $100 stipend for Kia. Now our next goal is $750, to help cover Kia’s stipend and 20 pages of comics! The stretch goal after that, $900, will get Kia a bigger stipend of $150 AND get the full chapter done!

So, if you can, please give your support, whether you pledge or spread the word. Every little bit helps and we have less than 14 days left!

Thank you for reading.

You. Are. Awesome.

P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about my trip to DC this last weekend. Look forward to: sunburns, cuckoo clocks, and art history. Oh my!


Weekend Hiatus Announcement


saint clairsville downtown picture

Ok so I announced I was going to post one new sketch a day here on the blog, on Deviantart, and on Tumblr.

That’s going to be put on hold for this weekend. Sorry!

“But why?”

I’ll tell ya.

This week is my last week working two day jobs. Next week I’m going down to just one day job (thank goodness! It’ll leave more time to make comics, including Seeing Him, which is now raising money for stretch goals).

But that means both jobs have me working all day tomorrow. They had me work all day today, so I had no time to make or post a new sketch. I’m so sorry! :(

And then, on Friday, I’m leaving with my family for a weekend trip to Washington, DC.

So I’ll be gone until Monday or Tuesday, depending on traffic (oh god the traffic in the DC area is ATROCIOUS. I’m having flashbacks from Intervention Con).

I’m sorry to do this at the last minute! I hope you can give me time until I can get back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, please help Kia and I reach our stretch goals on KickStarter! You can give a pledge, or if you’ve done that already (or can’t pledge for any reason), spread the word and tell your friends! This entire campaign has been fueled by readers like you. Thank you. <3

Thanks for reading! You. Are. Awesome.

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