Work is Pwning Me, But Here’s Some Art


The last week and a half have been nothing but work – I got a new day job, so I have TWO day jobs until about September 6th. Plus there’s freelance work to take care of on top of that.

I managed to take Sunday off because I was celebrating my birthday! Technically my birthday was Monday, but I had to work that day. So the celebrations and trips were the day before.

Plus, just to add the panic cherry on top of the Work Stress Coffee Cake, an element of my website broke last week! A plugin I was using to display my images broke on my end of the website, so I had to uninstall the friggin’ thing and get a new thing in. It works, but the glitch took more time away from the art than I liked.

Thankfully it’s fixed now.

But that broken plugin? That’s why I wasn’t able to post a new update on the blog last week.

Anyway, I managed to scrape together some personal projects I started BEFORE the work tornado struck. Here’s a peek at them: Continue reading →


Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics


johnson and sir page 99

On August 4, 2015, my webcomic Johnson & Sir was finished at 100 pages. Two years went into the making of the story of these two silly elf cops, and I enjoyed every minute of it. What started out as an inside joke between myself and my sisters became an inside joke shared by myself and many, many readers.

While Johnson & Sir is finished…it’s not yet complete. Continue reading →


Thoughtful Dinosaur: The Next New Comic


velociraptor lady reads a book

Billi Veloci!

It started out as a joke.

Christian and I were interviewed by Eddie for his radio show In My Honest Opinion. (Click here to listen. It’s a lot of fun!)

During this show the phrase “Thoughtful Dinosaur” came up, and Christian said, “That would make a great webcomic.” Continue reading →

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