Day 1 of Using Clip Studio Paint


clip studio paint screencap work in progress

I first bought Clip Studio Paint (also known as Manga Studio) when it was on sale. Apparently there are periods of time when the software goes from around $50 to $15 (which is banana pants). I had heard of the software before, but when it went on sale I went, “Why not?” And got it.

Then I didn’t use it… until this last weekend. Continue reading →


New Studio Space! Plus More Updates


new studio space

Yes, that’s right – I got a new space set up for all my comics-making needs!

It’s roomier, I don’t have to move equipment all the time, and the natural lighting is AMAZING. I think the biggest plus about this space is it’s no longer in my bedroom. So not only do I not have to fit all of this in a four foot square space so I have enough room to sleep, but now I can focus on creating. No longer will I look over to the bed and think, “A nap is in order today.”

I already used the new space last night and I can safely say I LOVE this arrangement. Everything is much more intuitive now.

new studio space

Let’s see, what other news can I share?

Well recently (and by recently I mean in the last month and a half) I’ve run a survey for newsletter subscribers and Patreon and KickStarter backers. This was to gauge not only what folks liked, but what folks would like to see more of.

The results? Well I can’t divulge much, but I can say the majority of people definitely wanted to see more comics and mini-comics from me. Plus, given that most of them bought my work through my Gumroad shop or by backing one of my KickStarters, I can safely say that there will be more comics coming next year in some form or other.


new studio space tools and books

Speaking of plans, right now I’m saving up money for a new camera set-up. That way I can record vlogs on a device that’s not my phone. Once I get this new camera, I’ll be back to updating my vlog series and doing Review Day Tuesdays again.

Also, if you backed my recent KickStarter to make Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics a real thing in the real world, I posted an update you can read here.

I’m also doing commissions for newsletter subscribers and Patrons of both Seeing Him and Validation. All of these folks get specials and discounts, so be sure to sign up for the ewsletter if you’re broke, or support Seeing Him or Validation (or both!) on Patreon. You get my peanut butter &¬†chocolate chip cookies if you do all three.

art studio figurines and dinosaurs

Theodore and Winnifred can join my figurines.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.


How to Make Chicken and Apple Curry


Recently, I got Johnny Wander, Volume 1: Don’t Burn The House Down, a delightful slice-of-life comic that also includes handy little bits like how to make a curry.

The recipe in that book was for a chicken and pumpkin curry, but¬†I modified it to have apples. Why? Mostly because I didn’t know where the pumpkin puree was in the store and I didn’t want to ask anybody.

However, I modified a few bits of the recipe, and it turned out…really well!

So I made it into a very basic infographic. Continue reading →


Mystically Apocalyptic: A Trip into Wheeling, WV


Please excuse my absence on the blog. I’ve been working extra hard on KickStarter rewards and comic strips.

However, I wanted to share a little story with you.

You see, Christian (my collaborator on Validation) stopped by Wheeling on her way across the country. We got lunch at Later Alligator, a little local crepe restaurant in downtown, and if you haven’t been there, you REALLY need to go. Their crepes are delicious and have punny little names (like the Crepes of Wrath, Pesto Change-o, or the Crepe Escape. I had the Alligator Rock, and it’s delectable). They also have dessert crepes, like the S’mores Crepe. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

Anyway, after lunch, Christian and I saw some more sites, including a little bridge that will make an appearance in Charlie & Clow: The Case of the Wendigo.

2013-09-03 13.02.20 2013-09-03 13.02.13 2013-09-03 13.03.18

It goes by two names: The Bridge of Suicide Hill, or the 13 Million Dollar Mistake. Continue reading →


The Perils of World-Building


the final page of johnson and sir

Ah, the final page of Johnson & Sir.

The other day I was on YouTube, and I came across this video about world-building. It starts out innocent enough, talking about world-building and how it applies to Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc…

But then it suddenly takes a left turn and talks about world-building and its use in politics, and I thought, “THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED.”

This guy talked about the perils of world-building in politics instead of the perils of it in literature, and I am MUCH more interested in the latter. So that’s what I’ll be talking about today. Continue reading →

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