The Art of Chloe Rose


I don’t usually update on Mondays, but when I do, it’s for a friend.

Chloe Rose is not only a good friend, but a fabulous artist. So maybe consider this a bonus Favorite Artist Friday…on a Monday?

Anyway, to Chloe’s work, because it’s worth talking about.

chloe rose artsycloudypard frozen artwork

Chloe made this piece for the recent Toledo Art Walk.

She doesn’t have any webcomics out (yet), but the things she would perhaps be best known for are her fanart (on her Tumblr) and her concepts for her original work, Queen’s Heart.

For example, this is perhaps one of my favorite things she’s done with Queen’s Heart.

queen's heart by chloe rose

Yes, it’s unusually large, but look at it! The colors, the amazing lighting, the visual effects, all of it is still stunning. This was originally made to be a three- to four-foot tall poster as part of a show she exhibited at, and you can see why it needed to be so large: the dichromatic colors and the intense lighting demands to be seen on a larger scale.

Chloe and I actually did a few pieces together, as part of our doujinshi circle called “MACPILT.”

puella magi madoka magika macpilt art piece

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood macpilt art piece

We’re both huge fans of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and we wanted to make our tributes to such great characters, stories, and art.

While she does great work with character design and line quality, her best strength (in my mind) is her use of color.

Do you see the Madoka Magika piece above? With the five girls illustrated? That’s Chloe’s mad coloring skills at play. And she has only gotten better since then.

This lady knows how to blend colors, how to design characters with colors that highlight their personalities, how to make light and shadows mix well, and how to use color to show mood. She’s even taught me a few Photoshop tips and tricks, and flipping through her sketchbook always makes me try harder to use color.

She updates her art mostly on her Tumblr nowadays, so if you haven’t seen her other work, you should. She also recently got a Facebook page.

She’s also getting ready to go to grad school, starting this quarter. So, to help fund the effort, you can get either of the MACPILT prints by going to my online store. For September only, all sales from either of these prints will go straight to Chloe, to help pay for classes and things. After that the sales are split evenly between the both of us.

Thanks for reading! And I’ll see you all tomorrow, where I review one of the comics I got from Interventioncon.


Favorite Artist Friday: K.S. Brenowitz


It’s the return of an old feature on this blog, Favorite Artist Friday! Here’s where I highlight an awesome artist I like and admire and talk about their work.

Today’s feature is K.S. Brenowitz, illustrator and artist of the webcomic “Delivery.”

I first met her at Intervention Con this past weekend (I talked about the con itself in a previous post). I had not met her before that weekend, or ever seen any of her work previously.

At first glance, what stood out to me the most in all of her pieces was her incredible attention to detail.

delivery webcomic page 23 by k.s. brenowitz

Click to view the larger image. CLICK IT!


It’s this detail that really adds texture to the art she makes. The tiles on the roofs, the grooves in a bike helmet, the metal grating on the side of a warehouse, all of these things are given depth and surface texture with her marvelous pen work.

(To tell the truth, it drives me to practice more so I can get better at inking. Brenowitz makes me feel like I need to step up my game because she makes me jealous…in a good way).

She also has very imaginative character designs and very fun comic page layouts. As I was going through her portfolio website and her tumblr, I stopped right in my tracks at this piece:

character art by k.s. brenowitz

Click to view larger image.


The vibrant colors! The textured armor plates! THAT SWORD! There’s so much about this design that keeps me glued to the screen to admire it, and try to understand the effort that went into making this.

So not only is her art fabulous, but her writing is just as great!

In reading her webcomic “Delivery,” I was surprised how quickly I was sucked into the story, and not just because of the intriguing page designs, or the overall amazing ink work, or the watercolor washes.

In “Delivery,” she has a great grasp on who the characters are and what they do, and what they will do in the story. I love the back-and-forth banter between the main lead, Clare, and the phone operator, Hassim. Not only that, but she knows how to pace out everything just enough to keep me hooked and turning the pages quickly. The mystery already has me fascinated and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

If you haven’t already, you can read “Delivery” here. It only updates once a week right now but it’s worth the wait.

She also did a smaller project with writer John Skylar. It’s a Convention Health Handout, all about how to stay healthy for your next convention. You can read that here. (Spoiler warning: It’s hilarious and the art is lovely.)

And don’t forget to check out Brenowitz’s portfolio. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Have any artists that you like? Tell me about them in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on Monday.


Intervention Con in Ten Points or Less



intervention con hotel 2014

From August 22 to the 24, I was at Rockville, MD for Intervention Con!

It was my first time at this particular convention (and my first time in Maryland, really). It was a get-together to celebrate webcomics, gaming, and an awful lot of Doctor Who.

I could overload you with details about the convention, but I’m going to condense everything into ten points or less so I won’t overwhelm you.

1) If you ever find yourself going from Ohio to Maryland, do yourself a favor and take Interstate 79 to Interstate 68, then onto Interstate 270. That way you can avoid Pennsylvania’s ridiculous tolls.

2) Take a hoodie. The air conditioning in the artist alley this year was freezing. I’m grateful I brought mine.

3) When there are no con-goers coming in to spend money (as happened a lot at this particular convention), talk to the other artists and make some new friends. That’s how I met the folks behind Shadowbinders, Bartez, Capes N Babes, and Lost Gamers as well as lovely artists like Magical Tea Time, K.S. Brenowitz, Tico Illustrations, and Kelsey Wailes (OK, gratuitous name dropping is done for now).

4) The Hilton that the convention took place in had the strangest elevators. Here’s a few pictures of the lobby to give you some context.

2014-08-22 16.01.36 2014-08-22 18.34.05

So you see how there are elevators in the corners? Some of them run only from the third floor to the seventh. Some run from the first floor to the sixth. There are more elevators that will run from other strange floor combinations. You may have noticed there are eight floors in the hotel. Whoever decided these elevators were a good idea must have been H.P. Lovecraft himself.

5) I almost forgot! This was the table I set up with.

intervention con table 2014-08-23 12.04.12

I wasn’t listed as a guest because the billing was mostly given to Christian (the writer of Validation) and Tony DiGerolamo (from The Webcomic Factory). But I was the one with the prints and stickers for Validation, so along I went!

And now I have the books, which leads me to…

6) There are some extra copies of the Validation Comic Con Special! You can get them now on my online store. There’s only five copies left, and if you order them, they’ll be signed by Christian and me. Plus, you’ll get a bonus print for your wall from me!

validation comic con special book print

Speaking of prints…

7) I got some new books and art from some awesome folks this past weekend.

intervention con grabs comic books prints

I’ll be reading the books and reviewing them in a new blog segment called “Review Day Tuesday.” It’ll appear on (surprise!) Tuesday.

And the prints? Will be on the wall soon.

8) If you’re ever in Rockville, MD, please for the love of all raw fish go and eat at Rolls N Rice sushi bar. The gang I went with and I had lunch there throughout the weekend, and every time we went it was all delicious!

There were other places we went out to eat, as well, but I didn’t catch their names. There was a Mexican restaurant that had the most delicious roasted duck (with olives) I’ve ever had the pleasure to stuff my face with.

The convention itself also provided food for the special guests, which was pretty good if you could get it. The food went really fast though.

9) If you’re ever at this con, find alternative parking places besides the hotel. Hotel parking is $18 a night (yeesh!). There are alternatives out there.

And I almost didn’t add this, but what the hey.

10) Sunday was my birthday! So Intervention Con was the best birthday present ever!

I should add a bonus thing: because I met so many great artists this weekend, I’m bringing back a feature I started a while ago, but neglected.

I’m talking about Favorite Artist Friday!

So come back on Friday, when I talk about one of my new favorite artists. I’m not going to tell you who it is yet, though, because it’s a surprise.

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