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$170 per MONTH

If we reach 15 Fan Club Members, I can add an additional page of The Legend of Jamie Roberts on the First Friday of each month. In other words, there will be one week per month that sees 2 new Jamie Roberts pages!

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a library with warm sunlight pouring in through the windows, while a cat in a witch hat sleeps on the window bench, a service tray of tea sitting beside it.



With an Art Club membership, you get the digital and zine memberships below PLUS new hi-res desktop and phone backgrounds to download each month!



With a zine club membership, you get the digital memberships below PLUS new zines emailed to you each month!


Any Price, Minimum $3/month

$3 is the minimum amount for this level but you can give more if you want! With this membership, you get early access to my webcomics, shout-outs on live streams and YouTube videos, shop and commission discounts, and access to the Fantasyville Discord server. You also get extra, exclusive perks added for free when you back a KickStarter or Crowdfundr campaign.