Pranesh Sketch (In Progress)

pranesh sketch from johnson and sir webcomic
(Colors will be added soon!)

Pranesh is a very quiet member of the Fantasyville Police Squad ran by Officer Struthers (also known as “Sir”). He actually didn’t speak very much until the Haiku Flu struck everyone at the police station.

Very little is actually known about Pranesh, other than that he has a sister named Sissy, and as revealed towards the end of the comic, he has tattoos. However, no one knows the story behind them.

In the new Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics,┬áthere are character biographies, which will include the story of Pranesh! In the book we’ll finally figure out his mysterious past (and his tattoos).

Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics is currently on KickStarter until October 14th. Help make the book happen by pledging and spreading the word!

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