How Was RathaCon 2024?

I just came back from RathaCon 2024 down in Athens, OH. How did it go?

It went well! So well, in fact, that I had to update the Spring Cleaning Sale on Crowdfundr because I sold out of a few things.

Also, it was good to see some familiar faces again! Shout-out to my table neighbors, by the way! One at a time, here are…

Lucky Gauntlet Art Club!

lucky gauntlet art club at rathacon 2024 in Athens, OH

Electromagnetic Press!

Electromagnetic Press at rathacon 2024 in Athens, OH

Shawn Langley!

shawn langley at rathacon 2024 in Athens, OH

Ben Wright-Heuman and Canonwrite Productions!

Ben Wright-Heuman at rathacon 2024 in Athens, OH

Chloe Rose!

Chloe Rose at rathacon 2024 in Athens, OH

Gary, aka Black Swamp Artistries!

black swamp artistries at rathacon 2024 in Athens, OH

Junior Vigorito!

junior vigorito at rathacon 2024 in Athens, OH

And Joseph Wiehe!

Also, shout out to the fans who stopped by my table, including Jossie, the best Coraline cosplayer ever.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye on this blog – I’m adding a widget on the sidebar soon to list my upcoming convention appearances.

I also took the time on Sunday night to update the Spring Cleaning Sale. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out! There’s original art and a ton of stuff that didn’t fit on the table at RathaCon. The sale is running until May 6.

By the way, I had a few people ask about this at RathaCon – I’m available for commissions! Just click the “Commissions” tab up top for more info.

Broke? Then you can do two things. Thing 1: share the Spring Cleaning Sale link with your friends who love fantasy comics and art! (It’s ) Thing 2: tune in to my free live streams this week!

On Tuesday at 6 pm EST, I’m streaming and drawing comics. On Thursday at 6 pm EST, I’m drawing Dragonball characters in Drag for an upcoming zine! Be sure to keep an eye on YouTube for other updates, including Shorts.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.

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