So, About Autism and Sensory Overload…

I wanted to make this video because of two videos I saw recently: one was a person talking about Dashcon who then made a moronic autism joke, and the other was Tessa Violet’s video about make-up. How do they connect? Well, give this a watch.

Also, here are some autism advocacy groups you can support:

The Autism Society
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
The Lovaas Center

Please do NOT support Autism Speaks. This article goes into why.

Thank you for watching.

You. Are. Awesome.


Autistic People Are Not “Broken”

I was reading “The Golden Theme” by Brian McDonald, as recommended by the likes of Chris Oatley and most students of OA Live, a class I’m taking. For a bit, I was really enjoying it and found a lot of useful truths out of it, which is it’s intended purpose. It’s a book that teaches you to be a better writer by recognizing very human things.

It was good… until I saw THIS passage. In it, Brian McDonald talks about “mirror neurons,” or neurons that are partially responsible in helping humans experience empathy: Continue reading “Autistic People Are Not “Broken””